Business Settings for Freelancers

executive virtual office space in DTC

Virtual and Coworking office space rentals are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially among freelancers who work remotely. Virtual office and shared working spaces offer a great alternative to home offices and corner tables in coffee shops – here are some of the benefits that freelancers can enjoy if they explore shared or virtual office options:

  • A professional setup with affordable rates – executive virtual office space in DTC is equipped with everything that freelancers need, including a prestigious DTC mailing address, mail handling, local phone number, personalized telephone answering, and an attractive office to use. Virtual space rentals offer a very flexible, rolling contract that can be renewed monthly;
  • 24/7 access – most coworking spaces are accessible round the clock, allowing freelancers to work when they want to;
  • Great opportunities for networking – most coworking spaces organize frequent networking and professional events, such as workshops, seminars and conferences, very useful for freelancers;
  • A relaxed and professional atmosphere – all the people sharing the coworking space are freelancers or entrepreneurs, which means that they also share the same qualities and the same dynamism, making coworking offices suitable not only for efficient work, but also for finding new friends and for having fun. The people sharing an office might work in different fields, but they might also be able to help each other with general issues related to freelancing, such as paperwork.

Services Offered by Virtual Office Providers

virtual office space in DTC

Virtual office space is a concept that is getting bigger and bigger. By providing a physical address, it allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to have access to the benefits of an established office space. Some of the features and services found at that your business can expect when you rent a virtual office include:

  • A professional business address and/ or a professional telephone number
  • Correspondence and mailing
  • Reception and call forwarding
  • Access to physical office spaces, including private offices and conference rooms
  • Essential and optional business services, including:
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • printer
  • Fax
  • Audio/ visual presentation hardware
  • Catering
  • Access to other office locations of the same supplier’s network
  • Occasional working networks and social events

The primary and probably most obvious benefit of a virtual office space is helping your business look bigger and more stable, as well as provides you access to the facilities of a dedicated office space. This makes it easier to create a favorable impression on your current and potential clients, while you and your team can work from home or other location that is convenient for you.

A virtual office is a cost-efficient solution for businesses in need to minimize the costs associated with a traditional and permanent office space.