The Best Way to See Clients in age of Covid

Because of the pandemic, many small businesses woke up overnight with the doors closed by the state of emergency and no strategy to migrate to the online environment. There is more talk than ever about the transition to online, and entrepreneurs risk falling into the trap of a vicious circle. That`s because the necessary investment for this transition, including logistics and management, is not negligible and requires minimal knowledge about building a site, digital marketing solutions, implementation of a payment systems, data security etc.

One thing is certain: in the end, the Covid crisis will end one way or another. How will you get through it, though? The only way you can ensure your business growth is to move forward, think creatively and continue to invest in your development.

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It goes without saying that you will have to identify the best ways to see your clients in the age of Covid. In addition to creating a professional virtual office environment with the help of Executive Business Suites, virtual office space Denver Tech Center providers suggest that you also take advantage of some useful tools, such as:

  • Slack – a chat system used by many companies, which can be divided into different communication channels, such as a general channel + others for sub-departments, teams or projects. This is much more useful than a classic chat or group.
  • Zoom – A more complex tool than Skype, ideal for conferences with multiple users and presentations.
  • Google Hangouts Meet – Ideal and user-friendly for online meetings, with or without a video camera, in which two or more people can schedule a meeting in their Google calendar, and then talk, write and share.




Why Is It A Good Idea to Rent Virtual Office Space

Modern virtual office space Denver Tech Center support centers are becoming increasingly popular these days. What motivates that popularity is not only necessity – here are some more benefits offered through virtual office space solutions:

  • No need to commute – renting a virtual office allows you as well as your employees to work undisturbed from the comfort of your homes, without requiring you to spend hours in bumper to bumper traffic or on crowded public transport;
  • Reduced stress – while any work involves a certain amount of stress, working remotely, using a virtual office eliminates the stress that comes with traditional office environments. With a virtual office, you don’t have to endure the annoying habits of your coworkers, you don’t have to listen to their conversations, to mention just a few of the nuisances of working in a shared physical space;

virtual office space Denver Tech Center

  • Reduced operational costs – choosing a virtual office space rather than a physical space eliminates the overhead expenses related to physical spaces, such as energy bills, even mortgages. The money that you save this way can be invested into growing and developing your business;
  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction– work through a virtual office is usually more productive, problem solving is more efficient and employers usually consider their work more fulfilling than the employees who work in traditional environments.

Shared Office Space May Not Be Safe. Here are Some Alternatives

Shared office spaces are more and more numerous because they allow many professionals to work and develop professional relationships. There are many types of people you will meet in shared office spaces, as well as different amenities. Thus, the offer can include spaces dedicated to creative people (maker spaces, with workshops and all kinds of tools), spaces for social projects, spaces for those in the tech field etc.

A shared office space has many advantages: it is motivating, the competition is positive, you are part of a community, you do not have to worry about bills, suppliers and technical problems and you have access to socializing and learning events.

But the big disadvantage is probably the dehumanization of employees (too many people per square meter, improper conditions in terms of noise and lighting, visual monotony, regimentation of the workspace) and the stress caused by noise. An even bigger disadvantage at this time is the risk of Covid-19.

virtual office space Denver Tech Center

However, there are alternatives to shared office spaces. If you want to save some money, you can choose to work from home. For a more professional image opt for virtual office space Denver Tech Center amenities. On the other hand, if you feel the need for an actual office, you can approach a local business that is willing to sublet office space. You can search for an affordable executive suite or you can look for pre-built office space.