If Working From Home Makes You Crazy, Consider Renting Temporary Office Space

When it comes to working from home, we tend to think about the advantages and ignore the fact that being at home all day can actually make you crazy. Communication via e-mail or telephone and reduced direct interaction can decrease people’s ability to work in a team and, more importantly, can create a sense of isolation. The solution could be the organization of meetings to encourage exchanges on professional topics, at set intervals.

Direct interaction between employees and feedback received at work are important tools for professional and personal development. Working from home makes it difficult to accomplish, which increases the need for employee training in professional skills, time management, IT and communication.

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The mixture between the professional and the home environment may also lead to a decrease in efficiency, in the case of some people, caused by the association of the home environment with relaxation instead of professional effort. A possible solution for this would be to create a space at home that would be used exclusively for professional activities. If this is not possible, there is the solution of renting temporary office space Denver executive suites which would represent affordable solutions, from a financial point of view. For example, you can rent an office room or a desk by the hour/ day, as well as (private) meeting rooms anytime you need them.


Why You Should Utilize Temporary Office Space

Running a business requires an office where you can work, receive correspondence and meet potential clients or business partners. However, office space is quite expensive to buy or lease. For many new business owners, it is impossible to commit to decades of paying mortgage or a long term lease contract.

As many business owners have faced the same problem for years, a solution finally appeared: temporary office space. Also known as co-working space, it represents an office building with open space where people rent a desk with all the basic equipment their need to run their business.

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The advantages of this solution are:

  1. Pay Only for the Time You Use the Office

The most affordable temporary office space Denver has offers great rates.  If you don’t need to be in the office on certain days, or you only need an office for 1-2 hours each day, you only pay for this time slot. In some cases, if you sign a lease contract, you pay a fixed monthly amount, irrespective of the actual time you use the office. Check out Executive Business Centers to see what plan works best for you.

  1. Grow Your Network

At the present, networking is crucial for the success of your business. People you meet in the temporary space may be your future clients or business partners. Or they can recommend your business to a friend and you win a new client.

  1. Meet Clients in a Professional Environment

If you consider running your business from home, you still need to find a place to meet clients and suppliers. Cafes and bars are alright for initial talks, but you will need an office when you get to negotiating and signing contracts.

What is the Best Location for Temporary Office Space

A temporary office space is an office or a part of an office rented by a business, most commonly by a small enterprise or a freelancer, that is in need of an office, but is unable to get a permanent office or cannot afford a permanent place to work from. Many small businesses and freelancers need a temporary office space only occasionally, for conducting team meetings or business meetings with potential partners.

Large cities and metro areas usually give home to lots of facilities that have temporary spaces for rent – abundance that makes the selection of the best office difficult. While the services and the infrastructure available with the rented space are very important, there is another, essential aspect to consider before renting an office and that is location.

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The features of the best temporary office space Denver location need to be determined based on the needs of the business:

  • Some freelancers and entrepreneurs need the coworking space to be able to work outside their home – the best solution for them is a facility that is not very far from their home;
  • Some types of small enterprises can conduct all their activities from home and they need an office only for meeting clients – for these businesses, the best office is located in an area that is easily accessible for potential business partners, such downtown or close to the airport;
  • If the office space is mainly used for team meetings, the location is best chosen to be easily accessible for the team members.

What are Some Brainstorming Techniques

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The basics of brainstorming include some important techniques for ensuring the success of using this method.

  1. Analytical brainstorming

When this method focuses on problem solving, it may be useful to look at the problem with tools that lead to creative solutions. Brainstorming analysis is relatively easy for most people because it is based on the idea-building skills people have already acquired in school and at the workplace. No one is ashamed when asked to analyze a situation!

  1. Reversed brainstorming

A regular session asks participants to solve problems. Reversed brainstorming invites participants to come up with ways to cause a problem. Once you’ve created a list of problems, you are ready to start solving them!

  1. SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis identifies the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats of an organization/ company etc. It is usually used to decide whether a potential project or business is worth committing to. In brainstorming, it is used to stimulate collaborative analysis. What are our strengths? Do we have deficiencies that we rarely discuss? This technique can generate great new ideas.

  1. Starbursting

Create a six-point star. In the center of the star, write down the challenge or opportunity you face. On each point of the star, write one of the following words: who, what, where, when, why and how. Use these words to generate different questions. Who are the happiest customers? What do our customers say? Use the questions to generate discussions.

If your company is in need of a brainstorming session, but lacks the space needed to accommodate a group of people, look for inexpensive temporary office space Denver meeting places that will have a comfortable business setting you need to get creative juices flowing.



The Best Equipment to Have in a Temporary Workspace

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Most temporary office space services provide not only the space itself, but the office furniture and the office equipment that you need for work, too.

Here are some essential pieces that you will need in your shared space:

  • Ergonomic and attractive furniture – comfort and attractive design need to go hand in hand when it comes to shared office equipment. Before you rent your space, test the furniture, including not only your chairs and desks, but the storage drawers and cabinets as well;
  • Electronics and digital equipment – office work, even the office work needed by tech companies, usually requires the printing of at least a few files every now and then and photocopying might also be required, so make sure that your temporary office space Denver location has high-quality printers, scanners and photocopying machines available. You will also need a landline telephone and a reliable high-speed internet connection, too;
  • Standard office equipment – a wastepaper basket, a stapler, document trays and pen holders are also important, so make sure you have that in the office space that you rent;
  • Special requirements – if your business activity requires you to make presentations, make sure that your office space has projectors or whiteboards as well.

Tips for Drafting Meeting Agendas

No meeting can ever be conducted without a proper agenda and the more people will be attending the meeting, the more well-drafted, accurate and realistic the agenda needs to be. Here are some tips on how to create such an agenda:

  • Determine the topic – do not add too many topics to be discussed in the meeting, one or two major topics should be enough. Determine the sub-topics as well;
  • Allocate the time – decide on a timeframe for each point on your agenda. Be realistic with that phase, too – the topics that are likely to strike up a debate will probably need more time to reach a conclusion;
  • Set up the list of attendees – make sure that the people attending the meeting will all be interested in what is being discussed (having your CFO attend a meeting about logo design will be a waste of precious time). Once you have the list of attendees, ensure you have adequate meeting facilities to accommodate the attendees and presentation equipment needed. Consider renting temporary office space Denver executive facilities if necessary;

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  • Assign time for AOB – the last point on your agenda should be Any Other Business, to allow people to raise topics that are important, but have not been discussed during the meeting. Include those topics in the agenda for the next meeting and make sure to invite the person who brought it up as well.

How Virtual Offices can Allow You More Time to Invest in Your Business

A virtual office is especially useful for start-up and small companies that want to operate in a modern professional environment, even without being there physically, every day.

Because the first impression is important, the virtual office will help you create a professional image and also offer you the opportunity to reduce your expenses; as such, you do not have to rent a full time space, you do not have to be there to benefit from a really great business location, a local address and phone number assigned to your company. All of these can make a significant difference in your business.

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The main advantage of temporary office space in Denver consists in the possibility to register your company`s headquarters. You can get a subscription that also includes physical access to office spaces and conference rooms, even for only a few hours, as well as to temporary office space Denver reception and administrative support services.

Other amenities may include air conditioning, computer, cleaning after exit, heating, catering etc.

Whether you own a new company and need a place to develop your business, or if your goal is to enter other markets and look for someone to take your calls, a virtual office can be a part of your business image. Being all set will obviously allow you more time to invest in your business.


Why Small Companies Use Temporary Office Space

Starting out in business is not easy for most entrepreneurs, who have only a limited budget to rely on. Temporary office spaces were created to solve one of the key problems of startups and small companies: conducting business in a professional setting at an affordable cost.

However, this is not the only reason why small companies use temporary office space. Here are a few others:

  1. No Long Term Financial Commitments

Temporary office spaces can be leased on a monthly basis, or even by the hour for business meetings or other events. This means that entrepreneurs will pay exactly for the time when they actually use the office space. By contrast, leasing or purchasing office space in a commercial building is a long term commitment, with expensive monthly payments. Temporary office space Denver suites are centrally located and affordable.

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  1. Be at the Heart of Where Business Happens

Temporary office spaces are located in the same building and bring together many entrepreneurs. As you take a break from work to go for lunch or have a coffee, you have the opportunity to network and even find potential business partners, employees, or even investors.

  1. Save Overhead Expenses

The amount you pay for the office space includes electricity and internet access, together with a professionally furnished office. This means that you do not have to invest in office furniture and sign contracts for the basic utilities you need to run your business.