Tips for Working in Shared Office Space

Some people may think that shared office spaces are the symbol of modernity and transparency in corporate life. However, such a working environment can be a nightmare, just like Chaplin’s “modern era”.

Supporters of the shared office spaces offer the following arguments: such an office saves a lot of space, there is better communication between employees and teams, as well as better monitoring of the company’s activity and mutual supervision.

On the other hand, opponents of this model find it too noisy (especially in the absence of soundproof partitions between offices), lacking intimacy (because some people may feel under constant supervision) and reducing productivity. Moreover, they show the risk to be constantly bothered by people who work at the same desk with you and who may not always be organized or considerate enough. Additionally, in shared office spaces, employees work constantly under the eyes of others, which may be overwhelming and intimidating.

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If you plan to start working in a shared office space in Denver, make sure you take some measures to control the noise that might bother you. That means to purchase some noise-cancelling headphones. The next important thing is to set up some rules with the employers you shared our desk with. Make sure everyone keep things organized, civilized and clean up after themselves. If there is no other way, make sure to report problems that may appear.

Finally yet importantly, when you must book a meeting room, make the reservation when fewer people need them, that is at the beginning or at the end of the working schedule.

Does Your Small Business Need Office Space?

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For some small business owners, their office is synonymous with their business, the place where they make important decisions, where they feel really productive and efficient, while others can work from wherever they are without feeling less effective. The decision whether renting an office space makes sense, however, should be based on more than just your working style – here are some aspects to consider:

  • Your current financial situation – office space comes with costs and if your business is not yet solid from a financial point of view, you need to be very realistic when calculating your costs. If you have been operating without having an office of your own and your business has just started to look up, wait for a little longer to become even more consolidated and rent your office space after that;
  • Office functionality – if you need a space in which you can conduct meetings with your team members, with clients or with new business partners, then you definitely need an office, but if your activity allows you to stay in touch with people over the phone or through video calls, you can postpone renting the office space;
  • The availability of special infrastructure – if you need special equipment for your business equipment and you don’t have the necessary space on your home, renting shared office space Denver facilities might be the suitable solution.

Businesses that Thrive in Shared Office Spaces

We know already that those who work independently, whether they are called freelancers or small business entrepreneurs, are becoming more and more numerous and they are in permanent search for shared office space Denver locations that will not cost them an important part of their profit. So we have already defined the financial struggle of this segment of population, but there is also a social dilemma, because many do not want to be isolated in a space too narrow without being able to connect with other people running other types of businesses, or find themselves outside of any “social network”.

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As a result of the above-mentioned aspects, the concept of shared office spaces was born – and where else than in America, more precisely in Silicon Valley!

Nowadays, over 22% of the active population in the US works as a freelancer in the IT and online businesses, passing through consultancy, design or copyright, to small producers and sellers of “grandma’s sweets”. This is how an extremely heterogeneous group of people appeared, having a common need: to find a space where they can work flexibly, socialize, exchange ideas, maybe even learn or be inspired by other people who work there too. We are talking about a place where a business can grow successfully!


Why Executive Office Spaces Are on The Rise

Executive offices are well-equipped, attractive rooms rented in a facility operated by the company that provides access to their spaces based on rental contracts. The benefits of rented executive space comes with lots of benefits – here is why the solution is becoming increasingly popular:

  • A great solution for solopreneurs – if working remotely, from your home is not possible because you need to meet clients, renting an executive office space is a great way to have a space to work from as well as to meet and impress your clients;
  • Networking – the building where you rent an executive office is likely to have space rented by other entrepreneurs as well, which gives you the opportunity to meet other business people, to socialize and to do business;
  • The availability of conference rooms – the facility where you rent your office will probably have larger conference rooms available for renting in case you will need more space for a larger meeting;
  • All the amenities that you need – executive shared office space Denver providers are prepared to accommodate any special requirement in terms of office equipment and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of high-tech office environments for very affordable rates.

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Questions to Ask Your Office Space Rental Company

Renting an office space is a good idea for the overall image of your business, but if you must do this for the first time, you could surely use some tips on how to discuss with the representative of an office space rental company, because things are a bit different and more complex than renting a car or an apartment.

If you are a start-up, you do not know what you cash flow will be in a few months from now, so you are surely interested in maintaining flexibility and avoid by all means getting locked in the wrong lease and risk spending unnecessary money instead of using them to drive growth. Therefore the first question must be addressed to yourself: Do I have a clear growth plan for my business? Only then you can move on to find good shared office space in Denver and contact an office space rental company.

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Here are a few questions you should ask the company`s representative:

  • How much this office space is really going to cost me?

Most renters emphasize only the monthly payments, which look affordable indeed, but make sure you also ask about additional costs. Typically, these include a security deposit, furniture, parking etc.

  • Does the office space have WI-FI connection? Is there also a phone line included?

You must know this information, because you may need to consult with providers.

  • Can I make some tenant improvements?

Sometimes you find a good shared office space in Denver but which needs some functional or aesthetic modifications to fit your needs.