The Pros and Cons of Shared Office Space

Renting a desk in a shared office facility is among the most popular alternatives to expensive, privately-owned offices and the preferred solution for many start-ups and freelancers. Like any office solution, shared spaces have pros as well as cons – here are some.

Shared office space Denver Tech Center

The Pros

Shared office space Denver Tech Center options offer flexibility in terms of size, costs and plans. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis, for the amount of time that the space was actually used for and offers free scalability to match the company’s needs. Shared offices offer great opportunities for mingling and networking as well, thus providing access to new business opportunities.

The Cons

Shared office spaces are, as the name suggests, spaces shared by more people, which means that everyone involved will need to put up with a certain amount of distraction – even if you have a busy day, with a strict schedule, the others around you might have time to chat and to laugh, which will distract your attention as well. The other aspect that you need to be aware of is that your place in the shared office will be just a desk like any other, the solution does not offer too much space for personal branding.

The Advantages of Shared Workspace Solutions

The growing number of start-ups, solopreneurs and small consultant companies has completely changed the way we think about office space and has given birth to a great solution for those who don’t need permanent offices: the shared office space.

shared office space Denver Tech Center

The concept of renting office space of exactly the required size and only for the periods when the office is needed offers many benefits – here are some:

  • Lower expenses – affordable shared office space Denver Tech Center options are available either for a small monthly fee or on a pay-as-you-use basis, which generate substantial cost savings compared to standard setups;
  • Offices in prime areas – shared office spaces are usually located downtown or in attractive districts, allowing businesses to be right in the middle of action and close to their clients;
  • Elegant spaces for meetings with high-profile clients – shared workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art office equipment and are suitable for efficiently and comfortably conducting meetings with demanding clients;
  • Scalability – you can freely increase or reduce the amount of space that you rent as you need it, so with shared workspace, you will never need to pay for something that you don’t need;
  • Great networking opportunities – shared workspaces are used by multiple businesses simultaneously, which means that these spaces are great meeting places for like-minded people.


Benefits of Co-Working Office Space

Co-working office space market is booming. The number of hubs is increasing every year, because freelancers are more and more drawn to such offices not only for their premium facilities and services, but also for the access they provide to a community of entrepreneurs from various fields, who can be very valuable for business development, especially in the case of startup companies.

shared office space Denver Tech Center

The possibility of expanding your business in an environment that encourages socialization, growth and productivity, gives you a more stable basis for the future. As the network grows, so do opportunities. Your neighbor sitting at the desk next to yours might know a potential client or investor who could help you grow. Given the large number of networking events, industry-specific discussions and inspiring training courses, the chances of meeting new people are greater than if you only relied on your LinkedIn profile. Extraordinary minds don’t just gather on the street to socialize; a trend setting shared office space Denver Tech Center co-working option suits them all.

Opting for this type of office is also a great option due to its cost-effectiveness, compared to having your own office.

All these advantages of co-working spaces have made this concept a part of the normal business environment nowadays.


Executive Office Spaces for Freelancers

Changes in the labor market and new technologies in recent years, which allow fast and cheap Internet connection and high-performance and accessible gadgets, are beginning to transform our work style.

More and more people are choosing to be freelancers, thus working for different clients, without having a stable job, a fixed schedule or an office. For companies, it is cheaper to work with freelancers, but there are also significant advantages for the freelancers: they are free to set their own work place and schedule, so they are more productive; they can work on more projects in the same time, which will bring them more money.

If you want to be a freelancer, regardless of the field of activity, you need a good mobile phone and a laptop you can rely on. But where will you work if you do not have an office?

shared office space Denver Tech Center

You can work from home, or go to a freelancer shared office space in the Denver Tech Center, where you will work relaxed, with other young entrepreneurs just like you. This way, you have the advantage of interacting with other people, and this might be helpful in more than one way. The costs of signing up for a freelancer hub are quite low.

You can also opt for a virtual office, which can help you project a successful image of your business, for an affordable price.