Important Habits Shared by Famous Business Leaders

There are many ways to make a business enterprise successful, but if you have a look at the lives and the habits of the most successful business leaders throughout history, you will notice that they all share a special, positive attitude towards life and business as well as some habits – here are some:


  • Long-term planning – the most successful business leaders keep not only short-term business goals in view, but they also have a vision about their future, a plan that they never lose sight of;
  • A strict daily routine – most successful business leaders follow a very strict daily schedule. Most of them need very little sleep and are able to take huge workloads, but they also pay attention to their body and they exercise regularly;
  • Paying attention to the quality of sleep – many successful people say that they never sleep until noon, but they do pay attention to the quality of the sleep they get. Their beds are comfortable and they eliminate any disturbance, such as the buzzing of electronic devices, television or light;
  • Delegation – what the most successful business leaders know better than anyone else is how to delegate tasks and how to find the people who are able to do what they are expected to do. Good business leaders know exactly what the tasks that only they can do are and they delegate the rest to other key people in their company.

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Qualities People Look for in a Business Leader


Each successful business leader has their own leadership style and their own vision about success, but all of them seem to share certain qualities – here are a few of the most important personality traits characteristic of great business leaders:

  • Professional knowledge – a great business leader knows the ins and outs of his trade and is also learning about his field of business constantly;
  • Decisiveness – good leaders are able to evaluate situations quickly and they are able to make good decisions fast as well;
  • Resistance to stress – leadership tasks usually involve lots of stress, so good business leaders need to keep a level head even in in stressful situations and they must be able to endure prolonged stress while also staying calm;
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of people – great business leaders are great communicators who are convincing, able to choose the most suitable communication strategy in any situation and also able to evaluate the person they are dealing with quickly;
  • Integrity – good business leaders know how important it is to earn the respect of their teams as well as of their business partners and clients, so they strive to lead by example, to work by example and to be respected by others.

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