Is Temporary Office Space in Denver Easy to Find?

There can be many reasons why you might need a temporary office space. You may be in a position to run a temporary project, such as fulfilling a single government contract or overseeing a construction project. Obviously, once the project is completed, there is no need for office equipment anymore.

Temporary office space is also suitable for small business owners who are not ready to invest in their own office, which would be beyond their current financial strength.

To take advantage of the flexibility of a temporary office space in Denver, you can opt for coworking or virtual office solutions.

If a company wants to start a business in a new location such as Denver, the top 3 benefits of flexible, temporary workspace are avoiding the cost of setting up and investing capital, the speed of setting up the office and eliminating the business downtime period related to these activities.

It should not be too hard for you to find temporary office space solutions in Denver. It is enough to contact Executive Business Centers and you can very soon benefit from full-time office rental, flexible virtual office options and meeting rooms, at very convenient plans and pricing, tailored for different professional needs.

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3 Reasons Denver Office Space Is So Valuable

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Denver office space has become extremely valuable and expensive as a result of the constant growth and expansion of the city from the past few years. Despite the pandemic causing a lot of problems from which the city still hasn’t fully recovered, the prospect is very positive and new businesses continue to arrive in Denver on a regular basis. So let’s check to see what makes Executive Business Centers office space so valuable:

  1. In recent years, there have been many companies arriving in Denver and setting up base. Their numbers are constantly growing, so that the demand for office space has increased and small businesses are barely able to afford it. Under the circumstances, alternative options such as renting virtual or temporary office space in Denver, are usually considered more advantageous.
  2. Denver is constantly growing, which means that there are many more opportunities to do business with large companies today, than there were in years past. As a result, owning or renting office space in Denver is becoming more popular due to the possible advantages and opportunities for growth that it can bring.
  3. Along with businesses, the local population of Denver has also been increasing. With more wealthy residents, the number of possible leads and customers will also increase. So if you have a business that caters to regular people, then setting up shop in Denver today in a great business location,, will definitely help you support your business objectives.

Will Renting a Larger Office Space Make Your Company Look Good?

Renting a Denver office space that is slightly or considerably larger than what you need is usually considered to be a solution that helps your company create a better impression on your visitors. Here are some factors that you should have in mind when deciding on the size of your office rental:

  • Consider usage – the rule of thumb is to rent an office that provides 100 square feet of space per employee in the workspace. You will need other facilities as well, so you should add at least a 40-sq feet server room, a 100-sq ft kitchen area, a 100-sq ft meeting room, suitable for being used by 2-4 people at a time. If you will have more people using the meeting room, you will need a proportionately larger space;
  • Larger conference rooms are always better – if your business activities require the availability of a conference room, you should calculate with 300 sq. ft of space for 30 people. If you plan to have events attended by more people, having one or multiple large conference rooms will not only provide more comfort to your guests, but will also create a better first impression, the impression of a company that does not want to save money by decreasing comfort.

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When you need a professional office or meeting room free of distractions, Executive Business Centers,, offers a wide choice of easy to pay and manage, on-demand services for your business.

What Should Your New Denver Office Space Consist of?

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Modern office spaces are no longer those stuffy, narrow spaces with lots of cubicles and even more people that were so common a decade ago – if you have been visiting modern office buildings in Denver to find the right rental for your business, you have surely noticed how varied the available configurations are and how much modern designs promote productivity. If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the choice, here are some tips to help you pick the best office:

  • Look for open plans – many modern Denver office space rentals today feature larger, open spaces. The configuration works better than cubicle systems by promoting interaction as well as by giving team members more space, therefore it is what you should be looking for;
  • Look for an attractive common area – Executive Business Centers know that everyone needs a little break from intensive work every couple of hours, so look for an office rental that includes such a space, too;
  • Look for an office in a building that has catering and other services available – renting an office in a building that has a restaurant, a café and a gym will convince your employees that you care for their wellbeing and comfort and will make it easier for them to stay healthy.

Are You Better Off Looking for Temporary Office Space or A Virtual Office?

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When it comes to moving the operations of your small business to the office, the classic, permanent office is hardly the only option – in fact, permanent offices are no longer the go-to solutions for businesses that do not need a large space that they use exclusively, the best offices for such businesses being temporary spaces and virtual offices. Deciding which one out of the two options works better for you can be difficult – here are some things that can help you choose:

  • Access to a physical space – temporary offices are usually large spaces shared by several entrepreneurs at a time, while virtual offices are exactly what the name suggests: spaces that exist only virtually and offer the tenant business an address to use for correspondence, e-mail addresses, call answering services, maybe even receptionist services. The two completely different set-ups are suitable for different types of businesses: the businesses that need access to a physical space are better off with a temporary office, while business people who are constantly on the move can benefit from virtual offices more;
  • Payment – virtual offices do not involve any overheads, therefore they are cheaper than temporary offices, but both options are very flexible and affordable.
  • Executive Business Centers can offer you each of these services at competitive rates. Talk to their leasing specialists to determine which program best fits your business needs.

How to Find Inexpensive Executive Suites?

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An executive office suite is a collection of offices used by a company’s executives or leadership, offices that are usually equipped with elegant furniture and a wide range of sophisticated office tech. Executive office suites in Denver can cost anything from $50 to $3,000, the price that you will actually pay for your suite being determined by lots of factors. The price range being so wide, finding Denver office space that is both cheap and of high quality is definitely possible – Executive Business Centers leasing and rental professionals suggest using these factors to consider while weighing your options:

  • The type of the lease – permanent executive suites with long-term leases are the most expensive, while the spaces rented on an hourly basis and virtual suites are the cheapest. Before you start looking for a rental, figure how much you will need to use a physical suite and channel your search accordingly;
  • Location – you can find office suites offered for rent in almost any district and neighborhood in Denver, rental rates being influenced by location, too. To make the best choice, consider how much the people using or visiting your suite will need to commute and how important a prime location is for your business;
  • Level of equipment – the tech features you get with your rental also influence the price, so try to be accurate and reasonable when you figure out the equipment you need.

What Is the Going Rate In Denver For Virtual Office Space?

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With technology developing at such a tremendous speed, more and more businesses can and want to operate remotely, increasing the demand for virtual office spaces. The Denver virtual office space environment is especially rich and varied – here is what you can expect in terms of amenities and rates if you want to rent virtual office space in Denver for your business:

  • The most important features offered by virtual offices – the solution offers all the benefits of a conventional rental without the high overheads. The most common services available with virtual offices include a business address that can be used for all the correspondence and on all the materials used by the tenant, phone answering, mail forwarding as well as receptionist services. Virtual office space providers usually offer the possibility to have access to well-equipped physical meeting rooms and conference rooms for additional, usually hourly rates;
  • The rates to calculate with – the rates charged for basic subscriptions, consisting of only the business address, are usually between $50 and $115.00 per month, with mail forwarding usually adding around 20% more. Additional services, such as call forwarding and voicemail, might be included in the subscription fee or are made available for additional fees. Meeting rooms and conferencing rooms are available on demand, for an hourly rate that can range from $10.00 and $30.00.
  • You can find out more accurate details on pricing and services offered at

Is Summer A Good Time to Sign an Office Lease?

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There is no good or bad time for renting the office space you need for facilitating the growth of your business. The office rental market is not very much affected by seasonal changes, but even so, you might want to take into consideration some aspects that make it more comfortable for you and your teams to occupy the space. According to Executive Business Centers, here are some such aspects:

  • Easier moving – if you decide to rent an empty office space, moving the furniture needed by your office staff and the transport is easier and more comfortable in summer. Moving companies might be busier during the hot months, but if you have your own fleet to move your staff, you can be sure that the process will not be hindered by bad weather;
  • Easier accommodation – be prepared that your office staff might need some time to get used to the new environment. Great summer weather makes it easier to adjust to new circumstances from the emotional point of view, everyone being more energetic and more enthusiastic about new beginnings when the weather is good outside;
  • Improvements easier to make – if you need to paint the walls of your new office or if the flooring can do with an update, the fixes are easier to accomplish in summer.

Trends in Denver Office Space for Rent

Executive Business Centers Denver office space rentals come in a variety of styles, sizes and types, all of them influenced by trends, just like the immense range of other features that describe the Denver office rental in 2021.

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Here are some of the dominant directions into which office rentals are evolving:

  • Settings that mix residential and commercial design features – homely office settings have proved efficient in promoting productivity, therefore the trendiest offices today mix high-tech features and elements that make people feel at home at the workplace;
  • Videoconferencing – being able to communicate with remote team members and with partners located thousands of miles away has become important and is likely to gain even more importance in the future, therefore modern office settings are equipped with advanced videoconferencing features;
  • More space for team members – while large, open office layouts used to be the trend until recently, today, office designers are trying to create designs that give individuals more space to ensure that rules of social distancing are respected as well as to provide more privacy for undisturbed, focused work;
  • Focus on ergonomics – the quality of the equipment used in the office needs to be not only perfectly functional – the furnishing items as well as the tech features need to be built to help maintain employee health.

What Makes for a Good Office Space Environment?

Specialized studies have shown quite clearly that the way we arrange our office space can have a major impact on our productivity and well-being. At the same time, however, the personality but also the way of working is reflected by the way the office is organized, so here is another reason to pay special attention to the way we organize it.

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Productivity is closely linked to comfort, so it is recommended not to hesitate to invest in a good office space environment, like those found at Executive Business Centers, Comfortable, ergonomic office furniture is a must, as well as the appropriate lighting (large windows, as much natural light as possible, complemented by adequate artificial light).

Popular for some time now, the idea of ​​co working also proves its usefulness in decorating a company’s office. Features of this type of design include fully open areas, but also dynamic spaces with multiple uses.

Approaching the natural work environment is another aspect that makes for a good office space environment, considering that the modern employee spends a lot of time in the office, so their contact with nature is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to use, in the decoration of offices, natural materials such as wood, stone and metals, as well as houseplants.