Renting a Virtual Office in Denver – Unexpected Benefits

In the Mile-High City of Denver, businesses are soaring to new heights by embracing the virtual office trend. But hold on to your cowboy hats because the benefits go beyond what meets the eye!

coworking space Denver

  • Skyrocketing savings – Picture this: No more utility bills, no rent and no office supplies to stock. With a virtual office, you are slashing costs faster than a skier down a Colorado slope.
  • Coworking connections – Many virtual office providers offer access to affordable coworking space in Denver. It is like having a secret pass to a bustling community of like-minded professionals, a perfect recipe for networking.
  • Citywide presence – Renting a virtual office in Denver means you can have a prestigious downtown address without the downtown rent. Your clients will think you are sipping lattes with the bigwigs.
  • Work-life balance – Say goodbye to the daily commute grind. With a virtual office, your kitchen table can become your desk and you can wear your PJs to board meetings if that is your style!
  • Team building, no space required – Expand your team without needing more office space. Hire the best talent, wherever they are, and let them work remotely.
  • Mail magic – Do not underestimate the joy of having a professional address to receive mail. No more mixing up client correspondence with your weekend catalogs.
  • Always on call – Virtual offices often come with call answering services. You will never miss an important call, even if you are on the slopes.

So, if you thought virtual offices were just about saving on rent, think again! Denver’s virtual office scene offers unexpected benefits that can turbocharge your business while letting you enjoy the Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

How to Avoid Overspending on Office Features and Amenities

Your company can benefit significantly from adequate office space.

The attributes defining the “perfect” office include a convenient location, pleasant workspaces, a functional layout, and an elegant design. However, frequently, the cost may overshadow all other considerations. Here are a couple of suggestions for how to avoid overspending on office features and amenities.

coworking space Denver

Tip #1: Opt for a serviced office

Convenient coworking space Denver business professionals often recommend is an excellent alternative for any company budget and size, whether you are a freelancer seeking a desk or a space for a huge corporation.

Serviced offices are places that an administrator runs – as the name suggests. That implies that you can simply move in, settle in, and get to work immediately after signing the lease. With There is no need to worry about purchasing office furniture and equipment, or paying for security, reception facilities, cleaning services, maintenance, and so on; it is all included in an affordable renting fee.

Tip #2: Review your work model

Due to COVID-19, many companies faced significant modifications that made their work models more flexible. Businesses that switched to remote work during lockdown now recognize the need to rethink their work paradigm and implement flexible solutions.

In particular, choosing a “hybrid” office plan can add much flexibility, maximizing available space use and reducing rent costs.

The Cheapest Ways to Have an Office

As a new entrepreneur, you are running on a shoestring budget. Thus, it may appear almost impossible to afford a professional looking office space. However, it is not as far-fetched as you may think. Small businesses are the cornerstone of a healthy economy – so there are many facilities available for them.

Here are some ideas to explore in your local Denver or Tech Center area:

co-working space Denver

  1. Shared Office Space

Shared office space is also known as co-working space.  Co-working space Denver offices are an excellent option for freelancers and start-up owners. Practically, you rent a cubicle by the hour, where you have a desk, a telephone and all the basic services you need to work – electricity and internet access.

Shared office space is a great option, because it has an affordable cost and offers you a professional environment where you can meet clients and business partners.

  1. Business Accelerator Hubs

These are clusters of office space created by top level corporations that wish to nurture entrepreneurs and start-ups. The office space is available for a very small fee or even for free. Plus, your business will be constantly monitored by angel investors who are very keen to encourage innovative ideas.

  1. The Local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce are institutions that oversee and encourage business relations at all levels – from million dollar deals to small enterprises. You will find a lot of support and helpful resources there, including information about affordable office space.

Why are Corporations Drawn to Coworking Spaces

The opportunity to expand your business in an environment that encourages socialization, growth and productivity, provides a more stable basis for the future, and this is the main reason why conceptual co-working space at, Executive Business Suites, is growing in popularity today.

coworking space Denver

As co-working networks continue to develop, so do the opportunities. The person you share the office with may know a potential client or investor who can help you grow. Given the large number of networking events, industry-specific discussions and inspiring training courses, the chances of meeting new people are much greater than if you only relied on LinkedIn to get the job done. Extraordinary minds do not simply gather on the street to socialize; you will need a space that suits everyone – a co-working space!

Having a working space is great – especially when that space is designed to allow you to develop. Any office, including an improvised office, is good if nee it badly and you have no other alternative.  But when you look at all the actual hard work, nothing compares to a space where every little detail allows you to be successful. Think of the building itself, the atmosphere, the location, the neighborhood and all the other advantages.



Lease Denver Co-working Office Space – Find the Right Space Now

Co-working spaces are a relatively new phenomenon and also one that has been enjoying growing popularity for the last couple of years. The reason for that popularity is simple: co-working spaces are well-equipped, they are located in central or strategically important neighborhoods, they are affordable and they provide great opportunities for networking.

coworking space Denver

If your small business or start-up needs temporary office space, here is how to find the best coworking space Denver has available:

  • Determine and allocate a budget to leasing the space – analyze your cashflow figures and determine how much you can afford to spend on the lease without burdening your business;
  • Pick your location – depending on what you need the space for (whether it is a conference room to meet clients and collaborators or a desk from which you have access to high-tech office equipment), decide whether your leased space should be close to your home, in a fashionable neighborhood or close to a business center;
  • Think about your work style – consider the time of the day when you are the most active, your preferences in terms of communication (phone, video conferencing, emails) and pick your leased space accordingly. Many co-working spaces can be used during the night, too, so if your work keeps you awake when others are sleeping, look for a provide who can cater for that requirement.

The Most Common Pitfalls of Work Meetings

coworking space Denver meeting

While some management experts consider work meetings excellent, efficient ways to collaborate and to accomplish results, other consider them one of the nuisances of corporate life. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – many corporate meetings are, indeed, inefficient, but the most common pitfalls are not very difficult to avoid. Here are some tips from coworking space Denver meeting facilitators:

  • The lack of an accurate and realistic agenda – knowing what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it is essential for improving the efficiency of your meetings. Prepare thoroughly for the meeting that you will be running and stick to the agenda, minimizing disturbances and detours;
  • People planning – most meetings are attended by people who are not involved in the processes that are being discussed. Reduce the waste of precious work hours by determining exactly who should attend the next meeting and who can stay away;
  • Not fully functional devices – one of the most common hindrances for meetings is technology that fails or is unavailable. If your meeting will be relying on an overhead projector, take the time to test the device before the meeting starts;
  • The lack of a conclusion – always end the meeting with a summary and reiteration of the tasks. Statistically, the meetings that don’t end this way are much less efficient. Follow-up via meeting minutes is also essential, so don’t skip that step either.

Helpful Tips for Making a Co-Working Office Your Own

The best co-working space Denver offices are inexpensive and practical, but they lack an important element: privacy and proper security. Basically, by accepting to be a part of a co-working office, you make it hard for your company to maintain its privacy and ability to protect sensitive data in certain cases.

Let’s say a certain employee forgets to shut a drawer. Maybe one of the employees who works for the company that shares your office space is a “spy” for the competition, and he/she notices it. This simple scenario alone might result in your company losing a lot of money just because of the carelessness of one worker.

coworking space Denver

Fortunately, events such as that one don’t have to come to pass. By making your co-working office your own, you can avoid a lot of mishaps and problems.

You can start by gradually eliminating paper and making sure all your employees use electronic means of storing  and sharing data that can be protected via encryption and passwords. Any documents or copies containing sensitive information can then be safely removed, either by being taken to another location or shredded.

Additionally, you can also add decorations and unique elements to help you impose your personality and make your office space more individually unique, which will also allow your employees to more easily notice if anything is amiss.

The Rising Trend of Co-working Spaces

The first coworking space was created almost 15 years ago in San Francisco, at the initiative of Brad Neuberg, who also made the first mention of the word “coworking”, designing shared offices. It was called San Francisco Coworking Space and was open two days a week: Monday and Tuesday. In the first month it was completely empty because nobody knew about this concept. However, things changed quickly.

The term “coworking” defines a shared space that can be rented by anyone who needs an office. It is a space where you can co-work and collaborate. According to statistical data, in 2020 there will be more than 26,000 coworking spaces worldwide.

coworking space in Denver

Most upscale coworking space Denver locations come with a series of amenities that can be accessed by members. This means that, in addition to the actual office where you will do your daily professional activities, you also get access to a full set of complementary services designed to make your work easier. Whether we are talking about meeting rooms that you can use for offline or online meetings, fast and stable WI-FI connection, coffee lounge or a relaxing place (bean bag chairs, sofas), coworking spaces are meant to make your professional life easier and why not, more enjoyable. You can have these services included in the contract and get rid of the stress that come with the administration of your own office