How To Find A Meeting Room With Social Distancing

The COVID pandemic has radically transformed office work, especially work in offices shared by multiple people. One of the situations that today are organized around stricter rules to maintain safety is meetings – these events are usually attended by people coming from different environments, often after having traveled extensively, therefore the strictest safety measures need to be applied. The room from which the meeting is conducted also needs to feature a layout that is suitable for working efficiently as well as safely. If you are currently looking for a meeting room that allows for social distancing, here are some tips for you:

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  • Look online – Temporary office space Denver Tech Center facilities offering social distancing options usually use their websites to share information related to social distancing options and to how they ensure health safety. Check what different meeting room providers say about the safety and social distancing measures that they use and pick the facility that meets your expectations;
  • Schedule meetings with meeting room providers to check the room before your event – seeing the room that you will get for your meeting is very important not only for the safety, but for the success of your meeting as well. Talk to the representative of the provider and request hand sanitizers and also request layout changes, if necessary.

Why are Corporations Drawn to Coworking Spaces

The opportunity to expand your business in an environment that encourages socialization, growth and productivity, provides a more stable basis for the future, and this is the main reason why conceptual co-working space at, Executive Business Suites, is growing in popularity today.

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As co-working networks continue to develop, so do the opportunities. The person you share the office with may know a potential client or investor who can help you grow. Given the large number of networking events, industry-specific discussions and inspiring training courses, the chances of meeting new people are much greater than if you only relied on LinkedIn to get the job done. Extraordinary minds do not simply gather on the street to socialize; you will need a space that suits everyone – a co-working space!

Having a working space is great – especially when that space is designed to allow you to develop. Any office, including an improvised office, is good if nee it badly and you have no other alternative.  But when you look at all the actual hard work, nothing compares to a space where every little detail allows you to be successful. Think of the building itself, the atmosphere, the location, the neighborhood and all the other advantages.



The Benefits of Virtual and Shared Office Space

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Shared and virtual office space Denver programs are great solutions for small businesses and freelancers to work efficiently without having to invest in offices of their own – here are the benefits available with shared and virtual office space Denver business solutions:

  • Access to modern technology – shared offices are equipped with stable, high-speed internet, land lines and many other accessories indispensable for effective office work;
  • Money saving – virtual and shared office spaces are affordable, providing a financially viable solution for start-ups, freelancers and businesses at the beginning of their career. If you rent shared office space, you will be paying only for the space that you need, you will not have to support any hidden costs, so you will be able to focus on your business;
  • Security – most shared office spaces use state-of-the-art security features, such as permanent surveillance through camera systems, key cards and other methods for access control. The IT systems made available to the users of the shared office and virtual spaces also use the highest level of data security;
  • Networking opportunities – working in a shared office involves communication with the other people in the room, therefore coworking spaces are excellent for meeting like minded, fellow freelancers and business owners, which might open up new business opportunities for you.

Reasons to Explore Virtual and Temporary Office Space Rental Options

Virtual and rented temporary office spaces have recently become a very popular solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t need very large offices of their own, but rely heavily on IT infrastructures and want a more professional image.

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Here is why your business can benefit from setting up a virtual office and/or renting a work station in an office that you share with other freelancers or owners of small businesses:

  • Flexible lease options – Virtual and shared office spaces do not come with the long-term leases that are so common for traditional office space rentals. Virtual and coworking spaces are usually leased based on rolling contracts, making it possible for you to focus on your next step and eliminating the worry of being tied by a lease contract for at least a year;
  • Flexibility – most facilities that offer office spaces for rent are open round the clock – a feature that allows you to work when you want or when your business needs you the most;
  • All the infrastructure that you need – temporary office spaces offer more than just a desk and a chair.  Coworking and virtual office Denver spaces are equipped with reliable, state-of-the-art, secure IT systems that allow you to work as efficiently as you can without having to invest into high-speed internet, land lines, printers or projectors.

The Pros and Cons of Shared Office Space

Renting a desk in a shared office facility is among the most popular alternatives to expensive, privately-owned offices and the preferred solution for many start-ups and freelancers. Like any office solution, shared spaces have pros as well as cons – here are some.

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The Pros

Shared office space Denver Tech Center options offer flexibility in terms of size, costs and plans. Payments are usually made on a monthly basis, for the amount of time that the space was actually used for and offers free scalability to match the company’s needs. Shared offices offer great opportunities for mingling and networking as well, thus providing access to new business opportunities.

The Cons

Shared office spaces are, as the name suggests, spaces shared by more people, which means that everyone involved will need to put up with a certain amount of distraction – even if you have a busy day, with a strict schedule, the others around you might have time to chat and to laugh, which will distract your attention as well. The other aspect that you need to be aware of is that your place in the shared office will be just a desk like any other, the solution does not offer too much space for personal branding.

Does Your Small Business Need Office Space?

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For some small business owners, their office is synonymous with their business, the place where they make important decisions, where they feel really productive and efficient, while others can work from wherever they are without feeling less effective. The decision whether renting an office space makes sense, however, should be based on more than just your working style – here are some aspects to consider:

  • Your current financial situation – office space comes with costs and if your business is not yet solid from a financial point of view, you need to be very realistic when calculating your costs. If you have been operating without having an office of your own and your business has just started to look up, wait for a little longer to become even more consolidated and rent your office space after that;
  • Office functionality – if you need a space in which you can conduct meetings with your team members, with clients or with new business partners, then you definitely need an office, but if your activity allows you to stay in touch with people over the phone or through video calls, you can postpone renting the office space;
  • The availability of special infrastructure – if you need special equipment for your business equipment and you don’t have the necessary space on your home, renting shared office space Denver facilities might be the suitable solution.

Steps for Finding Temporary Office Space

Whether you need temporary Denver space because your permanent office is currently unusable or your business activities don’t need a permanent office right now, here are some tips about how to find the most suitable Denver office space rental:

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  • Research business centers and providers of temporary office spaces in your area – office space providers offer well-equipped office spaces for great prices, but they are different in terms of equipment levels and space sizes, so it is essential to conduct a little research before choosing one provider over another;
  • Think about your extra requirements – make a list with your extra needs, such as a receptionist answering your calls, call screening or special conference room equipment. If you find a space provider that you consider suitable, but does not offer all the features that you need, don’t cut it from your list, contact them and tell them about your special requirements, they might be willing to provide a solutions;
  • Consider the location – if you need an office space to eliminate the need to have a home office, but you will not use the space for meeting with clients, choose temporary office space that is close to your home, but if you need space to conduct meetings from, choose a central location or an office that is close to where your major clients are located.

The Best Equipment to Have in a Temporary Workspace

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Most temporary office space services provide not only the space itself, but the office furniture and the office equipment that you need for work, too.

Here are some essential pieces that you will need in your shared space:

  • Ergonomic and attractive furniture – comfort and attractive design need to go hand in hand when it comes to shared office equipment. Before you rent your space, test the furniture, including not only your chairs and desks, but the storage drawers and cabinets as well;
  • Electronics and digital equipment – office work, even the office work needed by tech companies, usually requires the printing of at least a few files every now and then and photocopying might also be required, so make sure that your temporary office space Denver location has high-quality printers, scanners and photocopying machines available. You will also need a landline telephone and a reliable high-speed internet connection, too;
  • Standard office equipment – a wastepaper basket, a stapler, document trays and pen holders are also important, so make sure you have that in the office space that you rent;
  • Special requirements – if your business activity requires you to make presentations, make sure that your office space has projectors or whiteboards as well.

The Advantages of Shared Workspace Solutions

The growing number of start-ups, solopreneurs and small consultant companies has completely changed the way we think about office space and has given birth to a great solution for those who don’t need permanent offices: the shared office space.

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The concept of renting office space of exactly the required size and only for the periods when the office is needed offers many benefits – here are some:

  • Lower expenses – affordable shared office space Denver Tech Center options are available either for a small monthly fee or on a pay-as-you-use basis, which generate substantial cost savings compared to standard setups;
  • Offices in prime areas – shared office spaces are usually located downtown or in attractive districts, allowing businesses to be right in the middle of action and close to their clients;
  • Elegant spaces for meetings with high-profile clients – shared workspaces are equipped with state-of-the-art office equipment and are suitable for efficiently and comfortably conducting meetings with demanding clients;
  • Scalability – you can freely increase or reduce the amount of space that you rent as you need it, so with shared workspace, you will never need to pay for something that you don’t need;
  • Great networking opportunities – shared workspaces are used by multiple businesses simultaneously, which means that these spaces are great meeting places for like-minded people.


Tips for Renting DTC Office Space

Renting the right DTC office space for your business might be an exciting process, but you need to make that choice in a careful and responsible manner to avoid unnecessary costs and to ensure that your office has everything you need. Here are some tips to make the process easier for you:

  • Decide whether you need a permanent space or if a temporary rental would be more suitable – if you need workspace for your office teams, a permanent office is the best solution, but if you are a solopreneur who needs office space to be able to move out from your home office, a coworking space Denver Tech Center solution may be much better;

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  • Choose the location – the way you will be using your office will determine the location of your office. If you need an office where you can conduct business meetings with clients, the best location is close to where your major clients are located or in the city center, in a location that is easy to find;
  • Think about office equipment – most office rentals come with furniture and office equipment, too. Think about the type of furniture that you want as well as about the digital and electronic devices that you need and find a rental that meets most or all of your requirements.