Can I Rent Office Space by the Hour?

The very high prices on the real estate market and the lack of parking spaces are often an ordeal for an entrepreneur. Fortunately, nowadays, all those who want to have discreet and efficient meetings with their clients, whether it is for a contract, staff recruitment etc., there are businesses specialized in renting different types of office spaces, to meet various professional and financial needs.

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Accountants, programmers and consultants are among the professionals who can work smoothly even in unconventional spaces, and renting Denver Tech Center office space by the hour is an option that many choose nowadays. Yes, this option is viable, and it can help many business owners to save money without making compromises that may affect the quality of their activity.  This category of office spaces that can be rented by the hour often includes co-working and other flexible office spaces.

Do you need a professional Denver Tech Center office space rental for a limited time? Do you want a place where you can hold your business meeting or complete your presentation to a client? At the same time, are you looking for all the benefits of a private office?

With the option of renting office space by the hour you now have much more flexibility and you will not have to worry about spending too much money on an office you do not use full time.

When Should I Supplement My Home Office with an Office Space Rental?

Working from home is more common today than ever. But, despite the obvious logistical benefits (getting rid of commuting and traffic!), working from home can have its own disadvantages. For example, lack of organization can favor neglect when it comes to self-care.

Productivity, focus and socialization are more difficult to achieve without the rituals and structure specific to an organized Denver Tech Center office environment. When you work from home, you may be able to postpone the completion of work during the day and stay up late at night, or you may be interrupted by family member or the necessity of doing household chores during the busiest hours of work.

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Even if you don’t realize this from the beginning, the social relationships you establish when you go to the office every day and the self-confidence you gain when keeping in touch with co-workers and clients are harder to maintain when you stay home, and the result can translate into a feeling of isolation, boredom and sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, not all people are the same and there are some who have adapted very well to working from home, which may even suit them better. On the other hand, if you have begun to experience at least some of the problems outlined above, it may be better for you to consider Denver Tech Center office space rental properties to supplement your home office.

The Advantages of Renting Temporary Office Space Rather Than A Long-Term Lease

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Freelancing and telecommuting are becoming two of the most common forms of entrepreneurship these days. Many of these small businesses carry out most of their activities using computers and via the internet, which also means that they don’t need a permanent office in the traditional sense of the word and many of these start-ups don’t even have the financial resources to rent or to buy such office space. The alternative is either a home-office desk – a solution that is uncomfortable and difficult to manage for many small entrepreneurs – or a temporary office space rental. Here are the benefits of the latter:

  • Easier time management – oftentimes a temporary Denver office space rental can be accessed round the clock, even during the night, allowing business owners to come and go as they want;
  • A distraction-free environment – working from the comfort of your home might sound like a great solution, but most people find it hard to resist the distractions of their homes when they are trying to work. Rented office space provides the professional, distraction-free setting where you can work without having to handle household chores while working or to get distracted by TV shows, pets or friends dropping by;

Flexible payment – many facilities that rent office spaces charge only for the amount of time that you use the office and there are many other great and flexible solutions that make temporary offices affordable


Why Is A Private Office Important In The Age Of Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus has changed our life and work in many ways, having a major impact on the way we manage the space around us and our contact with others. Many companies that have previously used shared offices are now considering measures to create safe, separated workspace for their employees and they are continuously working to figure out work processes that allow office employees to work from their own homes.

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Working from a private office, whether in the building where your employer is headquartered or in your own home, is essential these days – here is why:

  • Safety is more important than anything else – when it comes to staying safe from Covid, the most important prevention method is social distancing. In socially distanced Denver office space, you have control over who comes in and you also have the space that allows you to maintain a safe distance from anyone coming in;

It is easier to maintain the cleanliness around you – in the age of Covid, keeping the surfaces around you disinfected at all time is also essential. If you work from a private office, you have control over the cleanliness of the surfaces around you, you can see when someone visiting you touches something in your office and you can clean that surface right away

Why the Denver Tech Center Is the Best Place to Have an Office

DTC office space

If you are running a business in Denver, then the best place to have your office is the Denver Tech Center (DTC). Over the years, what aimed to be a small technological park grew into a large cluster of office buildings. They are home both to large companies and small start-ups.

Here are just a few reasons to consider leasing Denver Tech Center office space:

  1. Be Where the Business Is

Running a business is never a one-man-show, but a collaborative effort. You will always need someone else to help you grow your business, be it an investor or a supplier offering you materials you need to build your products or supply your services. At the DTC, you will meet all sorts of entrepreneurs and executives and this gives you huge opportunities to network.

  1. Give Your Business a Professional Image

You will need to meet with clients and business partners every once in a while. An office in the DTC makes an excellent first impression to anyone. Instead of looking for a café or a restaurant where you can find a quiet corner, bring your visitors to your professional looking office.

  1. Find Offers that Match Your Budget

In the DTC, you can find anything from large executive suites to small shared office space for start-ups. Thus, you can afford to have an office for your business even from day one. As your company grows, you can move up the scale and lease office spaces that meet your growing branding and staffing needs.

Why You Should Utilize Temporary Office Space

Running a business requires an office where you can work, receive correspondence and meet potential clients or business partners. However, office space is quite expensive to buy or lease. For many new business owners, it is impossible to commit to decades of paying mortgage or a long term lease contract.

As many business owners have faced the same problem for years, a solution finally appeared: temporary office space. Also known as co-working space, it represents an office building with open space where people rent a desk with all the basic equipment their need to run their business.

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The advantages of this solution are:

  1. Pay Only for the Time You Use the Office

The most affordable temporary office space Denver has offers great rates.  If you don’t need to be in the office on certain days, or you only need an office for 1-2 hours each day, you only pay for this time slot. In some cases, if you sign a lease contract, you pay a fixed monthly amount, irrespective of the actual time you use the office. Check out Executive Business Centers to see what plan works best for you.

  1. Grow Your Network

At the present, networking is crucial for the success of your business. People you meet in the temporary space may be your future clients or business partners. Or they can recommend your business to a friend and you win a new client.

  1. Meet Clients in a Professional Environment

If you consider running your business from home, you still need to find a place to meet clients and suppliers. Cafes and bars are alright for initial talks, but you will need an office when you get to negotiating and signing contracts.

Save Money on a Lease for Your Business

Leasing office space can be extremely expensive if you are not careful. Property managers know that their available spaces are in great demand and draw up lease contracts that include as many clauses to their advantage and profit as possible.

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However, you can skillfully navigate through the initial draft and make sure that some clauses are made to your advantage, or at least clarified. Executive Business Centers can offer you a variety of leasing options to fit your office needs and budget. Working with them will help you save a lot of money both on the short and the long term:

  1. Clarify the Issue of Renewal

Some leasing contracts have complicated and vague wording regarding renewal. In some cases, the lease is automatically renewed unless you send in a notice ahead of time. Make sure this period is clearly specified and is sufficient to give you time to prepare and send the note, even under special, difficult circumstances.

  1. Utilities and Services

Some office buildings allow you to install your own utilities and services (internet, video monitoring, etc.). In other cases, you have to work with the preferred suppliers of the property managers. In this case, compare the prices you’d have to pay with a commercial offer from your supplier and decide whether you are getting a good deal or not.

  1. Subletting

In certain cases, you may sublet a part of your office space – but only if you are allowed to by the lease contract. This is something worth pursuing in negotiations, even if such a clause does not initially exist in the contract.


What is the Best Location for Temporary Office Space

A temporary office space is an office or a part of an office rented by a business, most commonly by a small enterprise or a freelancer, that is in need of an office, but is unable to get a permanent office or cannot afford a permanent place to work from. Many small businesses and freelancers need a temporary office space only occasionally, for conducting team meetings or business meetings with potential partners.

Large cities and metro areas usually give home to lots of facilities that have temporary spaces for rent – abundance that makes the selection of the best office difficult. While the services and the infrastructure available with the rented space are very important, there is another, essential aspect to consider before renting an office and that is location.

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The features of the best temporary office space Denver location need to be determined based on the needs of the business:

  • Some freelancers and entrepreneurs need the coworking space to be able to work outside their home – the best solution for them is a facility that is not very far from their home;
  • Some types of small enterprises can conduct all their activities from home and they need an office only for meeting clients – for these businesses, the best office is located in an area that is easily accessible for potential business partners, such downtown or close to the airport;
  • If the office space is mainly used for team meetings, the location is best chosen to be easily accessible for the team members.

How Can I Find a Short Term Office Space to Rent

Finding a Denver short term office space to rent is not very difficult nowadays, when businesses that rent different types of office spaces are emerging everywhere.

The first step we all do when we research for something is googling some relevant keywords – in this case, “short term office space rent”, or something very similar. You will get like a million results, which is good and not so good at the same time. Not so good, because you will soon realize that you do not know which the most relevant results are for you, and there is no way to click on all of them to find out.

Denver office space short term rentals

So, instead of googling for general results, you should rather visit directly a few relevant websites dedicated to helping people find the office spaces they need, whether they are short or long term, shared desks or even co-working spaces.

There are also websites where people advertise their Denver office space property rental, with featured photos, information, as well as the ability to connect with the property management staff: Executive Suites, Craigslist, Your Website, RentalHouses and more.

Renting a short term Denver office space is a useful option for professionals who are on short-term assignment, or are splitting off from a larger company, as well as for businesses that have experienced a disaster and need an office to avoid downtime until their office facilities can be functional again.

Modern Amenities Found in Shared Office Spaces

 “Shared office space” is a concept designing flexible work spaces created for business nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, people who manage international projects, project teams, national or global companies and startups, who get their many ideas that lead to business growth precisely from these working communities.

Curious, independent people, with principles and values based on innovation, eager to prosper, who love what they do and are always looking for new opportunities are typically those you will find in the shared offices.

The decoration of the work spaces, whether they are meant to be rented for a short or long/ very long period, is made with quality furniture, and the details make the difference.

Denver office space rental

Office leasing companies offer different options. Denver office space rental amenities and modern services are generally all inclusive, from the complete decoration/ arrangement of the space, to the technical equipment, customer service areas as well as complete administrative and operational support services. At the same time, there are dedicated areas for organizing seminars, or other types of events catering areas and cafes, which can be accessed daily, or as a support for events.

Basically, a business renting a shared office space benefits from all the facilities and utilities related to a normal workspace, without the need of prior investments from the client.