Safe Practices for Going to Work to Avoid Covid

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The novel coronavirus has already changed many things in our lives, one of the most important changes being an increased awareness and attention to our own safety as well as to the safety of the people around us. According to executive suites Denver real estate professionals, here are some of the most important practices that can decrease the health risks associated with going to work:

  • Frequent disinfection – washing your hands often and using a hand sanitizer product when you have no access to soap and water are essential for staying safe. The virus can be contracted by touching infected surfaces as well, so It is also very important to disinfect your workstation and work area as frequently as possible ;
  • Wearing facial masks – the mask protects you as well as the people that you come into contact with by preventing the spreading of the droplets resulting from coughing, sneezing and breathing. The mask is of special importance if you use public transport and if you work in a space used by other people, too;
  • Social distancing – avoiding physical contact, such as handshakes and hugs is another essential safety measure and so is maintaining the required distance when you talk to other people at your workplace.

Why Should You Consider Renting a Private Office instead of Co-Working Space?

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Many people believe that co-working spaces have the opportunity to change the world, to encourage and help communities grow. Indeed, they have many advantages that make them so popular, but we know less about the disadvantages, so we will expose them further:

  • The moment you become part of a large team, you will most likely want your own office in which you can create your culture
  • Some co-working spaces are niche, so they may not suit your professional activity
  • The role of co-working spaces is to provide support to the community and a solution for freelancers or entrepreneurs at the beginning of the road. It is an ideal alternative for small and medium teams that need a space from which to carry out their activity. Established businesses typically need their own private office.

Private office space for rent Denver Tech Center options offer you the privacy you need and allows you to organize yourself at will and according to your own rules. Also, an extremely important aspect is that you benefit from the professional environment you create for your particular needs, without being forced by circumstances to adapt to different situations and rules of working together with many other people.

Advantages to Working from Home and Renting an Office

Recently, working remotely has become increasingly popular. Imagine how good it is to make reports, edit texts or create advertising banners while sitting on your comfortable sofa, in the living room. You do not have to wake up early, waste time and nerves in traffic jams or in crowded public transportation and you do not even have to sit in a formal office from morning till evening; all you need is a laptop/ computer and internet connection.

However, you must understand that the volume and professional duties are the same. For most of the work you can do from home, you have the same clear deadlines and tasks, you still have bosses and you are connected to those in the company you work for.

Working from home proves its full benefits, especially now that we go through the Coronavirus pandemic. Compared to renting an office, working from home is clearly more affordable.

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But there are also disadvantages that should not be ignored. Some of those who work from home tend to work more, either because they accept more tasks than usually, believing that they have more time (which is often an illusion, when you work from home),  or because they feel somehow forgotten, due to lack of direct communication with colleagues etc. On the other hand, there are also people who feel distracted by the comfort of their home and these tend to lose their productivity. Look at to see what social distancing options are available in office rentals.

How to Have an Inexpensive Classy Office

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The office says a lot about your business. And you don’t want it to say: shoestring budget. But this is the reality – you don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive furniture and decorations for your office.

Here are a few simple ideas to have a classy office without breaking the piggy bank:

  1. Be Creative about Artwork

There is a call thing “corporate artwork” – a series of standard prints with motivational messages or happy people doing various things. You see them everywhere: they are bland, predictive – and expensive.

Instead, look over Creative Commons and other royalty free image sites and find unique images that truly represent your brand image. Have them printed and framed (at a fraction of the price of corporate artwork) and you’re done!

  1. Choose Salvaged Furniture

Salvaged furniture does not mean being thrifty, but responsible and eco-minded. Wood and metal are precious resources – and they are not in infinite quantities. This is why a lot of people and businesses choose to refurbish old airing cabinets and turn them into office storage or opt for pallet furniture. Made from wooden pallets, this type of furniture is less expensive than standard office furniture, but is sturdy and has a professional look.

  1. Add a Touch of Nature

When you run out of other ideas for decorations, go for potted plants. You can never go wrong with them, plus they add a spot of color and a cheerful note to your office. It is also proven that employees who have plants at their desk are happier and more productive.

      4. Consider Virtual Office Executive Suites

Executive Suites in Denver offers virtual office programs that are suited for the business professional who wants to present a professional business image.


The Cheapest Ways to Have an Office

As a new entrepreneur, you are running on a shoestring budget. Thus, it may appear almost impossible to afford a professional looking office space. However, it is not as far-fetched as you may think. Small businesses are the cornerstone of a healthy economy – so there are many facilities available for them.

Here are some ideas to explore in your local Denver or Tech Center area:

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  1. Shared Office Space

Shared office space is also known as co-working space.  Co-working space Denver offices are an excellent option for freelancers and start-up owners. Practically, you rent a cubicle by the hour, where you have a desk, a telephone and all the basic services you need to work – electricity and internet access.

Shared office space is a great option, because it has an affordable cost and offers you a professional environment where you can meet clients and business partners.

  1. Business Accelerator Hubs

These are clusters of office space created by top level corporations that wish to nurture entrepreneurs and start-ups. The office space is available for a very small fee or even for free. Plus, your business will be constantly monitored by angel investors who are very keen to encourage innovative ideas.

  1. The Local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce are institutions that oversee and encourage business relations at all levels – from million dollar deals to small enterprises. You will find a lot of support and helpful resources there, including information about affordable office space.

How Executive Suites Can Help Grow Your Business

Denver Executive suites can be very helpful to businesses that expand. Outgrowing your business is great, but it also comes with challenges must be addressed, and finding new and adequate office space is one of them.

A transition to a new city is a big step and, until you become sure that your business will work into this new location, you can opt for renting executive Denver Tech Center office space. It will provide you the professional image you need with the features of a full-time leased office, as well as the flexibility to move on, if things don`t go as planned.

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An executive office suite is run by an operator, which means that you will not need to worry for fixing a broken pipe or other frustrating distractions that may appear when you are trying to deal with important things related to growing your business. With an executive suite, you will be free to meet clients, potential partners and hold meetings, with no productivity interruptions.

Another advantage is that you will have the furniture, the office equipment and access to the best technology, even if you cannot afford purchasing them yet. This way, expanding your business will not be cost prohibitive.

Benefits of Renting a Conference Room for Your Next Business Meeting

When it comes to meetings with business partners or important clients, the space in which you receive them is decisive for your professional image. However, not all companies can afford a fully equipped office and access to the latest technologies, but renting a conference room is much more affordable and can help them make a great impression without huge investments.

Conference rooms and offices rented for isolated events offer several advantages when it comes to the productivity and the overall image of your company:

  • You save resources

It is not always necessary to have a place to receive clients, especially if you have chosen to carry out your activity with third parties. In this case a virtual office space Denver rental is your best bet. But when you want to meet with potential partners, VIP clients or future suppliers, the situation changes. Renting a conference room allows you to host your meeting professionally.

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  • Credible and professional image

The image of your company matters, and it starts from personal branding, to the way you organize your office and your professional activities.

  • Training or sessions in large spaces, with all the required facilities

Even if you already have an office, we all know that sometimes the meeting room can become too small, especially in the case of general meetings with a growing team, trainings for employees or clients etc. These should not become a problem, and the solution is to rent a conference room suitable for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Setting Up a Virtual Office

A virtual office is a convenient solution for companies wishing to operate without the cost of purchasing a standard office.

The best virtual office space Denver offers brings you the following:

  • an address in the city center, for business meetings, in a professional setting
  • collecting correspondence and forwarding it to clients, according to the instructions received
  • reduced fees for using courier services
  • the possibility of receiving and sending of documents by fax
  • a local phone number, where you can be reached by your customers
  • receiving calls on behalf of your company, by a qualified person
  • access to a conference room

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You can benefit from all these facilities by signing up for fixed periods (3 months, 6 months, one year), depending on your needs.

In addition to these advantages, there are also certain downsides that must be considered before setting up a virtual office.

Lack of Centralization

If you have employees and work with contractors, the lack of centralization may translate into a lack of structure.

Scheduling Conflicts

If you are very good at organizing your time, this might not necessarily be a problem. But for some, it may be very inconvenient to meet clients on short notice.

Lack of Interaction

This might be a problem especially for extrovert people, who thrive on human interaction; their productivity may decrease. On the other hand, introverts will probably be just fine with a virtual office.



Business Settings for Freelancers

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Virtual and Coworking office space rentals are becoming increasingly popular these days, especially among freelancers who work remotely. Virtual office and shared working spaces offer a great alternative to home offices and corner tables in coffee shops – here are some of the benefits that freelancers can enjoy if they explore shared or virtual office options:

  • A professional setup with affordable rates – executive virtual office space in DTC is equipped with everything that freelancers need, including a prestigious DTC mailing address, mail handling, local phone number, personalized telephone answering, and an attractive office to use. Virtual space rentals offer a very flexible, rolling contract that can be renewed monthly;
  • 24/7 access – most coworking spaces are accessible round the clock, allowing freelancers to work when they want to;
  • Great opportunities for networking – most coworking spaces organize frequent networking and professional events, such as workshops, seminars and conferences, very useful for freelancers;
  • A relaxed and professional atmosphere – all the people sharing the coworking space are freelancers or entrepreneurs, which means that they also share the same qualities and the same dynamism, making coworking offices suitable not only for efficient work, but also for finding new friends and for having fun. The people sharing an office might work in different fields, but they might also be able to help each other with general issues related to freelancing, such as paperwork.

What Features to Look for in a Shared Workspace

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Executive Business Centers‘ shared workspaces are excellent, comfortable and affordable solutions for any owner of a small business or freelancer tired of working from home or from coffee shops. To make the most of your rented space, you need to make sure that it is suitable for your needs. Here are a few things that you should look for:

  • Available infrastructure – some businesses are more sensitive to how stable the internet connection that they use is and they need more office accessories and equipment than others. Before you sign the contract with a specific office space provider, make sure that your space offers everything you need;
  • Noise levels – some spaces play music all the time, others are more silent. Think about the type of environment that you prefer in terms of the noise that surround you – it is a very important aspect;
  • The general atmosphere – working in a vibrant space that has good energy will make you more energetic and will improve your motivation and your productivity as well, so only rent a space that feels right when you first see it;
  • Seating – if you prefer sitting at a desk facing the window, don’t accept one that is in a remote corner.