I Don’t Need a Full Time Office….Now What?

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As freelancing and telecommunication become more present, renting professional Denver temporary office space has become more and more popular among people who don`t like working from home, but do not need a full time office either.

Here is what renting a temporary workspace can bring you:

  1. A temporary office projects your professional image

Renting temporary office space in Denver provides freelancers and entrepreneurs alike a business-like alternative to meeting clients at home, or in overcrowded cafes.

  1. Improved time management

The idea of working from home is tempting and has benefits, but many people overlook all the interruptions they will experience and which can turn their 8-hour working schedule into a twelve or fourteen hour. Working in an Denver office – even if it is not a full-time office – ensures much better time management.

  1. Reduced costs

Renting a full-time office may affect your budget, especially if it is located in a large city, without taking into account the additional costs of setting up your office (purchasing the necessary equipment, paying bills etc.). If you are tired of long-term leases and the money you spend on an office that you do not even use full time, as well as if you want to prevent dealing with home distractions or lack of available seats at your local coffee shop, opt for renting a temporary office.


How To Impress Your Customers With Temporary Office Space Rental

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If you are a freelancer, a telecommuter or the owner of a small business that does not require you to have a permanent office space, a temporary office space rental is an excellent solution to have access to a professional office space when you need it. Even if you carry out your business activity over the internet, you might still need an office to meet with clients or customers occasionally – here is why a temporary office space rental is the best solution for your needs:

  • Office space of the right type – most facilities that provide office space rentals offer several options, allowing you to get the office of the right size, fitted with the equipment that you need and for the time that you need it;
  • All the amenities that you need – temporary office space for rent in Denver provides access to high-speed internet, a desk and a chair. Many facilities also provide a reception desk and catering to help you impress your important customers and clients;
  • Available when you need it the most – with temporary office space rentals, you can book the space that you need for when you need it, without having to pay for any time when you don’t use the space.

What Are the Advantages of Using Meeting Room Rental If You Work from Home?

Working from home has great, obvious pros, but it also has cons, one of them being that the desk or table corner that you use to work from might not be suitable for conducting business meetings. If you need to meet a client or customer personally, inviting that person to your home might not be the best solution and that is when meeting room rentals come into the picture. Here are some of the most important benefits of renting such a temporary space:

  • Welcoming your guest in an impressive, professional environment – temporary office space Denver Tech Center meeting rooms are usually furnished with attractive, modern pieces of furniture and they are also equipped with the latest office technologies to allow you to conduct your meetings in a professional way;

temporary office space Denver Tech Center meeting rooms

  • Available as needed – you can rent the space only for the time of your occasional meetings, no need to rent the space for an entire month, not even for an entire day;
  • The right location – there are so many facilities that provide meeting room rentals that you can easily find the space that is located conveniently for you as well as for your guest;
  • Flexible payments – the facilities that offer meeting room rentals usually charge for only the time that you use the space for.

If Working From Home Makes You Crazy, Consider Renting Temporary Office Space

When it comes to working from home, we tend to think about the advantages and ignore the fact that being at home all day can actually make you crazy. Communication via e-mail or telephone and reduced direct interaction can decrease people’s ability to work in a team and, more importantly, can create a sense of isolation. The solution could be the organization of meetings to encourage exchanges on professional topics, at set intervals.

Direct interaction between employees and feedback received at work are important tools for professional and personal development. Working from home makes it difficult to accomplish, which increases the need for employee training in professional skills, time management, IT and communication.

temporary office space Denver

The mixture between the professional and the home environment may also lead to a decrease in efficiency, in the case of some people, caused by the association of the home environment with relaxation instead of professional effort. A possible solution for this would be to create a space at home that would be used exclusively for professional activities. If this is not possible, there is the solution of renting temporary office space Denver executive suites which would represent affordable solutions, from a financial point of view. For example, you can rent an office room or a desk by the hour/ day, as well as (private) meeting rooms anytime you need them.


Safest Way To Do Business in the Covid Age

The most discussed topic in recent weeks is the Corona virus pandemic. In addition to the panic and agitation created among people due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19, we can hear fake news on a daily basis, opinions about life during or after the pandemic, but also many questions that are expected to be answered.

Somewhere in all this hustle and bustle is the issue of the economy and the future of small or large businesses. More and more local entrepreneurs or business owners are starting to take action and think of a strategy that could keep their business afloat in these difficult times. From postponing certain events, to working from home or temporarily changing the program until the partial closure of some locations, or setting up a virtual office Denver Tech Center footprint are only some of the decisions made by business owners to protect their business and employees.

virtual office Denver Tech Center

The safest way to do business in the Covid age is to continue your activity in the online environment, as much as possible. Why is it important? – Because people will make more and more accustomed to make online purchases in order to avoid crowded spaces, paying with banknotes or leaving their house.

The online environment offers solutions adapted to current requirements, the work of most employees can be adapted in such a way as to be done from home, at least to a certain extent, customers can order online without physically being in stores, and you can easily highlight discounts or other benefits and present the solutions that your business adopts so that customers can continue to enjoy the products/ services you offer.

Alternatives To Shared Workspace Rental

Shared workspace rental market is booming. The number of hubs is growing every year, with freelancers opting for such offices not only for their premium facilities and services, but also for access to a community of entrepreneurs from various fields who can become collaborators for business development, especially in the case of start-ups. The shared workspace concept is a phenomenon that has spread globally. People opt for work spaces that inspire them, support collaboration opportunities, and allow them to move on from traditional offices.

Denver Tech Center office space rental

The expansion has been influenced by the development of the IT&C industry, the need for spaces for creative people to meet and collaborate and especially the preference of new generations to alternative professions, which no longer depend on a stable workspace nor require a fix program.

Alternatives to shared workspace rental include any flexible workspace. Many freelancers work from cafes or even from home, to avoid the extra expense of renting a space, at least as long as it is not absolutely necessary. Additionally, even those who are already employed admit preferring more flexible options such as business lounge options, when they are not required to work from their company’s headquarters.

More and more managers are also realizing that employees who work remotely can bring significant savings for the company, and the use of a flexible Denver Tech Center office space rental would reduce the annual office management costs.

Reasons to Consider Renting a Conference Room for Meetings

Video conferencing is a blessing for small business owners. But a high definition camera (which most laptops currently have) will show in detail the room behind you. What will your potential customers and business partners see? Your old sofa, possibly with one of your kids sitting down and playing on their tablet? Or a professional looking conference room?

find office space for rent in Denver

Before you wonder how you can afford one, you should know that you can choose from many conference rooms for rent, all within your budget. Here is why you should consider renting one:

  1. Pay Per Hour

If your meeting lasts for one hour, you will probably have to rent a conference room for no more than one hour and a half – you need time to set your laptop and connect it to the internet. With prices ranging between $70 and $140 per hour, you can definitely afford to look for professional conference room office space for rent in Denver for your meetings.

  1. Host Large Meetings in a Small Space

When you rent a conference room, you can opt for video conferencing equipment for a small fee. This allows you to host a meeting with dozens of people from all over the world, if necessary.

  1. Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter a lot, both in business and your personal life. Your business has higher chances to thrive if it wins your potential partners’ and clients’ trust from the very beginning.

Effective Tips for Working Productively from Home

working from home - virtual office Denver suggestions

For some, working from home comes naturally, but for others, accommodating in such a working environment can be a little more complicated. But with discipline and a well-established program, suggested by virtual office Denver professionals, you can stay productive.

Don`t work in the same room you sleep

And, most of all, do not work in bed. The bed is the place where you sleep, and your brain perceives it like this, so no matter how appealing it might be, or how comfortable you feel in it, you should find another place to work, whether it is a couch, or an improvised desk.

Plan all your daily tasks

Make a well-established schedule and plan everything you have to accomplish for the day. This way, you can organize your time better, by prioritizing important tasks.

Discipline yourself!

If you want to take a coffee break or have a snack, make sure to first finish the task you started. A simple and effective technique that helps you focus on the things and activities that bring you the best results is the Pomodoro method. It is based on the division of tasks in short periods of time, usually 25 minutes of concentration, followed by a 5-minute break, when you can get up from the chair, look out the window, do some stretching or have a snack away from your monitor.

How to Create a Positive Virtual Work Environment

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A positive work environment is more than an attractive space with comfortable, ergonomic furniture – in the current shelter at home COVID work culture, here are some tips about how to create a positive virtual office Denver work environment in which all employees feel safe and appreciated for their efforts:

  • Improve communication – establishing clear lines of communication and creating an environment in which everyone knows who to turn to with specific issues is essential for facilitating a positive and productive attitude. Strengthening two way-communication between managers and team members is also essential;
  • Celebrate success together – signing an important contract or completing an important project can be celebrated by the entire company together – it will make everyone feel important and will encourage harder work;
  • Reward hard work and achievements – recognizing hard work is an excellent motivational tool for the person receiving praise as well as for the others. The recognition can take various forms, from gift cards to a shorter working day for the hard-working team member;
  • Include some relaxation – your employees work hard for eight hours each working day, so they will surely appreciate and enjoy a future massage offered by the company. A spa gift card to provide interested team members a 10-minute shoulder massage is an affordable way to prove your employees that you care for their health and it will also improve productivity by relaxing those sore muscles.

Ways to Reduce Business Costs

decrease your business operating budget by utilizing shared workspace Denver options

It is no surprise to anyone that running a business requires serious financial resources, especially when we talk about a startup.  You cannot eliminate the costs, but you can take some measures to reduce them without affecting the smooth running of your business.

Find suppliers who can make you offers at the lowest prices. Negotiate as much as you can, to get all the equipment and supplies your business needs to operate, at the lowest possible prices. This also includes resorting to the services of wholesale suppliers, hunting for discounts and special offers etc. Consider utilizing shared workspace Denver options to support a reduced operating budget.

Hire interns or volunteers. If the type of business that you run allows you to do so, look for interns or volunteers. Young people are happy to gain experience because it is useful for their future employment, and you can significantly cut on some costs.

Buy used equipment. Even if a certain business equipment has been used only for a few months and it is therefore still in great shape, it will cost you much less than purchasing new equipment. It is difficult to keep up with technology when you want to reduce your budget, but purchasing second-hand equipment is a solution successfully applied by many companies.

Make fewer business trips. Train, plane or fuel tickets – all of these consume serious resources. These costs should be kept at minimum, by replacing some trips with Skype or Webex meetings.