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How Virtual Office Space Can Save You Money

Whether you are a freelancer, the owner of a small business or you already have a large team, but your field of activity is suitable for remote work, renting a virtual office, rather than a physical one, is an excellent opportunity to save money. Here is how: Less money spent on rent – established virtual […]

Tips for Deciding When Does Renting Office Space Make Sense

Renting an office to move your business to is an important decision that will determine how efficiently and how productively you and your employees can work, how you will handle the relationship with your clients and business partners and will also have financial implications. Here are some factors to consider before making the decision: Expected […]

Why You Should Sell Your Office Space NOW!

People sell office spaces all the time and for many different reasons. Some are retiring; others cannot afford the necessary refurbishment, are relocating, make professional changes in their life or just simply need the money. Life can take unexpected turns, and we should embrace this, because it is a part of how things are in […]

The New Way to Work in the Age of Covid

Denver office space real estate experts say that, because of the pandemic, the way we work will change forever, and working in open spaces may be history. It is clear that, at least for the near future, things need to change. It is possible that the cubicles will come back in trend. The office corridors […]

I Don’t Need a Full Time Office….Now What?

As freelancing and telecommunication become more present, renting professional Denver temporary office space has become more and more popular among people who don`t like working from home, but do not need a full time office either. Here is what renting a temporary workspace can bring you: A temporary office projects your professional image Renting temporary […]

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