Why Should You Consider Renting a Private Office instead of Co-Working Space?

Many people believe that co-working spaces have the opportunity to change the world, to encourage and help communities grow. Indeed, they have many advantages that make them so popular, but we know less about the disadvantages, so we will expose them further: The moment you become part of a large team, you will most likely […]

Shared Office Space May Not Be Safe. Here are Some Alternatives

Shared office spaces are more and more numerous because they allow many professionals to work and develop professional relationships. There are many types of people you will meet in shared office spaces, as well as different amenities. Thus, the offer can include spaces dedicated to creative people (maker spaces, with workshops and all kinds of […]

Why Should You Rent an Office Away from a Downtown Area

The preferred locations of the offices are without a doubt the city center or the downtown area. Such an office located in the heart of a city really offers all the advantages of the quintessential urban lifestyle. Employees benefit from the opportunity to work in a modern, inspiring office building, in a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere, […]

Advantages to Working from Home and Renting an Office

Recently, working remotely has become increasingly popular. Imagine how good it is to make reports, edit texts or create advertising banners while sitting on your comfortable sofa, in the living room. You do not have to wake up early, waste time and nerves in traffic jams or in crowded public transportation and you do not […]

Why Renting Office Space is Safer than Owning or Leasing

We spend an important part of our lives at work, at the office, and that’s why the location of the office, its design, but also the satisfaction of the employees can greatly influence the success of a business. The office is the company’s business card; therefore the main objective – within limits imposed either financially […]

Safest Way To Do Business in the Covid Age

The most discussed topic in recent weeks is the Corona virus pandemic. In addition to the panic and agitation created among people due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19, we can hear fake news on a daily basis, opinions about life during or after the pandemic, but also many questions that are expected to […]

Alternatives To Shared Workspace Rental

Shared workspace rental market is booming. The number of hubs is growing every year, with freelancers opting for such offices not only for their premium facilities and services, but also for access to a community of entrepreneurs from various fields who can become collaborators for business development, especially in the case of start-ups. The shared […]

Why the Denver Tech Center Is the Best Place to Have an Office

If you are running a business in Denver, then the best place to have your office is the Denver Tech Center (DTC). Over the years, what aimed to be a small technological park grew into a large cluster of office buildings. They are home both to large companies and small start-ups. Here are just a […]

Reasons to Consider Renting a Conference Room for Meetings

Video conferencing is a blessing for small business owners. But a high definition camera (which most laptops currently have) will show in detail the room behind you. What will your potential customers and business partners see? Your old sofa, possibly with one of your kids sitting down and playing on their tablet? Or a professional […]

Why You Should Utilize Temporary Office Space

Running a business requires an office where you can work, receive correspondence and meet potential clients or business partners. However, office space is quite expensive to buy or lease. For many new business owners, it is impossible to commit to decades of paying mortgage or a long term lease contract. As many business owners have […]