How Virtual Office Space Can Save You Money

Whether you are a freelancer, the owner of a small business or you already have a large team, but your field of activity is suitable for remote work, renting a virtual office, rather than a physical one, is an excellent opportunity to save money. Here is how:

  • Less money spent on rent – established virtual office space in Denver gives you a registered address in a great location, such as a prestigious business center, but you will not use that office in the traditional, physical sense of the word, therefore you will not be required to pay the same amount for your rental as you would for a traditional office where you actually show up for work;
  • No overhead expenses – with a virtual office, all you will have to pay is the rental fee, there are no bills related to energy, phones or internet connection;
  • No maintenance – with a virtual office space, you will not be required to pay for any cleaning, maintenance and repairs either;
  • Meeting rooms available whenever you need them – if you rent a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about having a place where you can hold meetings either. Most centers that provide virtual offices also provide physical meeting rooms where you can meet with your teams in a comfortable, attractive environment or you can impress your business partners.

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Tips for Deciding When Does Renting Office Space Make Sense

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Renting an office to move your business to is an important decision that will determine how efficiently and how productively you and your employees can work, how you will handle the relationship with your clients and business partners and will also have financial implications. Here are some factors to consider before making the decision:

  • Expected growth – check the numbers and figure out whether the office rental fits into your current and forecasted budget and also decide whether you need more employees in the future. If your financial situation allows it, try to find an office rental that will be suitable for your larger team as well;
  • Office type – the term “office” no longer refers exclusively to permanent, physical offices. Depending on the type of your activity and on the needs of your employees, you have the option of renting temporary office space that you can book for when you need to meet with your teams personally or when you need to meet with clients. You can also choose a cost effective virtual office Denver Tech Center solution that will give you a physical address and also the opportunity to book meeting space occasionally. Traditional, permanent office rentals are evidently the most expensive, while virtual office solutions are more affordable.

Why You Should Sell Your Office Space NOW!

People sell office spaces all the time and for many different reasons. Some are retiring; others cannot afford the necessary refurbishment, are relocating, make professional changes in their life or just simply need the money. Life can take unexpected turns, and we should embrace this, because it is a part of how things are in this world.

However, there is another good reason why you might want to consider selling your office space now: the pandemic.

This entire Covid situation that we are going through has changed many things, including office work. What office employees used to do before – spending eight hours a day at work – seems to be history and there are now alternative working models that will probably become the new normal.

In this context, the demand for renting office space has decreased, so this business is less profitable now.

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Office work will not disappear completely, but significant resources are needed to make such a job both safe and enjoyable in the pandemic and post-pandemic context. The lack of sufficient resources to be allocated in this direction is another reason to consider selling your office space now. When the professionalism of an office environment is needed, consider looking into a Denver office space rental, and/or sharing resources through virtual office Denver executive programs.

The New Way to Work in the Age of Covid

Denver office space real estate experts say that, because of the pandemic, the way we work will change forever, and working in open spaces may be history. It is clear that, at least for the near future, things need to change.

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It is possible that the cubicles will come back in trend. The office corridors will be larger, considering that social distance will be a priority a long time from now. It is also possible that the position of the employees at their desks will change: they will work back to back, instead of face to face, or in line, as they are positioned now.

How will office life change?

Undoubtedly, perhaps the most important changes will have to be made on a personal level. We will have to wear masks, gloves and take care to disinfect ourselves at all times. Hugs and handshakes will have to be replaced with other forms of greetings.

Business traveling will be significantly reduced, given that online meetings seem to become the norm and also prove to be very efficient. Business traveling can be replaced, at least partially, by video conferences.

A significantly increased focus will be on health and safety. This will include personal protective equipment, as well as property and space management, including measures to improve safety and sanitation, as well as clear communication of the efforts and health / cleanliness protocols.

I Don’t Need a Full Time Office….Now What?

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As freelancing and telecommunication become more present, renting professional Denver temporary office space has become more and more popular among people who don`t like working from home, but do not need a full time office either.

Here is what renting a temporary workspace can bring you:

  1. A temporary office projects your professional image

Renting temporary office space in Denver provides freelancers and entrepreneurs alike a business-like alternative to meeting clients at home, or in overcrowded cafes.

  1. Improved time management

The idea of working from home is tempting and has benefits, but many people overlook all the interruptions they will experience and which can turn their 8-hour working schedule into a twelve or fourteen hour. Working in an Denver office – even if it is not a full-time office – ensures much better time management.

  1. Reduced costs

Renting a full-time office may affect your budget, especially if it is located in a large city, without taking into account the additional costs of setting up your office (purchasing the necessary equipment, paying bills etc.). If you are tired of long-term leases and the money you spend on an office that you do not even use full time, as well as if you want to prevent dealing with home distractions or lack of available seats at your local coffee shop, opt for renting a temporary office.


How to Stay Safe in an Office Setting

Today, more than ever, it is very clear that the protection and promotion of safety and health at work are of paramount importance to workers, companies, social protection systems and society as a whole. In the context of the pandemic, employers are trying to identify the best ways to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their workers, when they return to work.

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Many companies have already reorganized their work so that some employees work from home, or from working spaces that allows them to maintain social distance. In addition, wearing masks in the office is very important to stay safe, as well as having sanitation areas (equipped with disinfectants and hand washing options designed to be used frequently).

Executive suites Denver office rental professionals confirm that other safety measures include:

  1. ensuring the epidemiological triage, for staff and visitors alike, at the control-access points
  2. mandatory disinfection of hands before entering the office
  3. monitoring the way staff respect the rules designed to stay safe and protect the others
  4. Postponing the work schedule, for businesses with more than 50 employees, so that the beginning and the end of the work shift is made at intervals of 1 hour, in tranches of at least 20 % of staff

The Best Way to See Clients in age of Covid

Because of the pandemic, many small businesses woke up overnight with the doors closed by the state of emergency and no strategy to migrate to the online environment. There is more talk than ever about the transition to online, and entrepreneurs risk falling into the trap of a vicious circle. That`s because the necessary investment for this transition, including logistics and management, is not negligible and requires minimal knowledge about building a site, digital marketing solutions, implementation of a payment systems, data security etc.

One thing is certain: in the end, the Covid crisis will end one way or another. How will you get through it, though? The only way you can ensure your business growth is to move forward, think creatively and continue to invest in your development.

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It goes without saying that you will have to identify the best ways to see your clients in the age of Covid. In addition to creating a professional virtual office environment with the help of Executive Business Suites, virtual office space Denver Tech Center providers suggest that you also take advantage of some useful tools, such as:

  • Slack – a chat system used by many companies, which can be divided into different communication channels, such as a general channel + others for sub-departments, teams or projects. This is much more useful than a classic chat or group.
  • Zoom – A more complex tool than Skype, ideal for conferences with multiple users and presentations.
  • Google Hangouts Meet – Ideal and user-friendly for online meetings, with or without a video camera, in which two or more people can schedule a meeting in their Google calendar, and then talk, write and share.




Can I Rent Office Space by the Hour?

The very high prices on the real estate market and the lack of parking spaces are often an ordeal for an entrepreneur. Fortunately, nowadays, all those who want to have discreet and efficient meetings with their clients, whether it is for a contract, staff recruitment etc., there are businesses specialized in renting different types of office spaces, to meet various professional and financial needs.

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Accountants, programmers and consultants are among the professionals who can work smoothly even in unconventional spaces, and renting Denver Tech Center office space by the hour is an option that many choose nowadays. Yes, this option is viable, and it can help many business owners to save money without making compromises that may affect the quality of their activity.  This category of office spaces that can be rented by the hour often includes co-working and other flexible office spaces.

Do you need a professional Denver Tech Center office space rental for a limited time? Do you want a place where you can hold your business meeting or complete your presentation to a client? At the same time, are you looking for all the benefits of a private office?

With the option of renting office space by the hour you now have much more flexibility and you will not have to worry about spending too much money on an office you do not use full time.

What is a Virtual Office?

The concept of virtual office is very popular nowadays because it allows small businesses to reduce costs. This type of office is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to work from home or remotely while maintaining a professional image for their business.

A virtual office allows a business owner to project a professional image by displaying a business location, but without carrying the burden of the associated expenses. The concept of virtual office has been constantly developed in the last 5 decades, and today, this type of remote shared infrastructure – the virtual space – represents a viable and increasingly attractive business option.

The main benefits of a virtual office are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Time saving
  • Administrative assistance
  • Low costs
  • Tax benefits
  • Maintaining a private home address

virtual office space Denver service packages

The virtual office space Denver service packages may include:

  • Phone number
  • Personalized service for answering telephone calls during business hours
  • Efficient mailbox system and message forwarding service
  • Sending and receiving faxes
  • Email address and mail forwarding service
  • Manipulation of mail and fax correspondence

From a financial point of view, you benefit from:

  • Reduced costs for using a meeting and negotiation room
  • Low costs for business consulting services
  • Possibility to use the facilities of a business center
  • Reduced costs for renting advertising space
  • Free space for displaying advertising materials
  • Free access to useful newsletters


When Should I Supplement My Home Office with an Office Space Rental?

Working from home is more common today than ever. But, despite the obvious logistical benefits (getting rid of commuting and traffic!), working from home can have its own disadvantages. For example, lack of organization can favor neglect when it comes to self-care.

Productivity, focus and socialization are more difficult to achieve without the rituals and structure specific to an organized Denver Tech Center office environment. When you work from home, you may be able to postpone the completion of work during the day and stay up late at night, or you may be interrupted by family member or the necessity of doing household chores during the busiest hours of work.

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Even if you don’t realize this from the beginning, the social relationships you establish when you go to the office every day and the self-confidence you gain when keeping in touch with co-workers and clients are harder to maintain when you stay home, and the result can translate into a feeling of isolation, boredom and sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, not all people are the same and there are some who have adapted very well to working from home, which may even suit them better. On the other hand, if you have begun to experience at least some of the problems outlined above, it may be better for you to consider Denver Tech Center office space rental properties to supplement your home office.