Office Space Concerns for Larger Teams

The most obvious indication that you require extra office space is overcrowding. It could be time to change your strategy if you have more employees than available space.

The minimum ideal need for office space is 40 square feet of floor area per employee, and workrooms should have enough free space to allow individuals to easily travel to and from desks and move within the rooms. While businesses can have fewer desks, inadequate space, such as desks that are too near to one another, crowded public areas, and a lack of restrooms, can impair productivity.

As a company outgrows its office space, storage can become a significant problem. As your team grows, filing cabinets and stock cupboards fill up faster, creating clutter across the office.

So, how do you accommodate increased space needs without spending a fortune to rent (or buy!) real estate and disrupting routine operations with an expensive, disruptive, and overall unpleasant office move?

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Finding fully furnished office space for rent Denver commercial lease specialists often recommend might be a very effective alternative. Thanks to serviced executive offices and suites’ financial and professional flexibility, you can hire a completely equipped office space on your terms. You can change your rental agreement or bundle as necessary as long as you give prior notification. Executive office rentals provide you the flexibility to increase your workforce and the range of services you offer.