Will Renting a Larger Office Space Make Your Company Look Good?

Renting a Denver office space that is slightly or considerably larger than what you need is usually considered to be a solution that helps your company create a better impression on your visitors. Here are some factors that you should have in mind when deciding on the size of your office rental:

  • Consider usage – the rule of thumb is to rent an office that provides 100 square feet of space per employee in the workspace. You will need other facilities as well, so you should add at least a 40-sq feet server room, a 100-sq ft kitchen area, a 100-sq ft meeting room, suitable for being used by 2-4 people at a time. If you will have more people using the meeting room, you will need a proportionately larger space;
  • Larger conference rooms are always better – if your business activities require the availability of a conference room, you should calculate with 300 sq. ft of space for 30 people. If you plan to have events attended by more people, having one or multiple large conference rooms will not only provide more comfort to your guests, but will also create a better first impression, the impression of a company that does not want to save money by decreasing comfort.

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