Are You Better Off Looking for Temporary Office Space or A Virtual Office?

Executive Business Centers

When it comes to moving the operations of your small business to the office, the classic, permanent office is hardly the only option – in fact, permanent offices are no longer the go-to solutions for businesses that do not need a large space that they use exclusively, the best offices for such businesses being temporary spaces and virtual offices. Deciding which one out of the two options works better for you can be difficult – here are some things that can help you choose:

  • Access to a physical space – temporary offices are usually large spaces shared by several entrepreneurs at a time, while virtual offices are exactly what the name suggests: spaces that exist only virtually and offer the tenant business an address to use for correspondence, e-mail addresses, call answering services, maybe even receptionist services. The two completely different set-ups are suitable for different types of businesses: the businesses that need access to a physical space are better off with a temporary office, while business people who are constantly on the move can benefit from virtual offices more;
  • Payment – virtual offices do not involve any overheads, therefore they are cheaper than temporary offices, but both options are very flexible and affordable.
  • Executive Business Centers can offer you each of these services at competitive rates. Talk to their leasing specialists to determine which program best fits your business needs.