Long Term or Short Term Rental?

office space rentalWhen it comes to evaluating the advantages of short-term office rental offers, be sure to not let your bias affect the outcome. Evaluating long term deals can suit some companies that have a large capital and are in this for years or want additional space later on when needed without overextending themselves right away! However if you’re starting up with high hopes but little cash flow then consider renting an area as opposed to looking at larger spaces so expenses don’t add too much stress.

Short-Term vs Long-Term Office Rentals

The best advantage to short-term office rentals are the flexibility they allow. You can choose when and where your contract is up, as well as pick from a variety of locations if you want more than one space in an area or on different floors for various projects going forward! These types of deals also have lower rates that increase less frequently with time—perfect should someone plan ahead before committing long term without knowing what it will cost upfront?

Most of the time, the profile of a company that chooses short-term is a dynamic, hit-and miss service provider or retailer that aims to either increase profits fast or start a new venture while abandoning the first one. In today’s volatile market, this type of business endeavor is actually much more advantageous than one based on stability, especially if you don’t have a lot of capital to go on.


In contrast, long-term office rentals provide you with predictability and stability. You also enjoy the added benefit of an allowance for tenant improvements which will be deducted from your profits but not taken away completely!

Office rentals are a great way to get the work done without having to worry about buying furniture and equipment. However, long-term leases can keep you tied into one location even if there is better offer on the table for your company’s future growth or expansion plans. In some cases this may slow down opportunities in front of us as well as increase expenses later down line which could have been avoided with our first decision had we just looked elsewhere first!


No matter how good your idea might be, it’s a sound decision to be prepared for all outcomes and have an easy way out. Based on statistics 80% of start-ups fail within the first 18 months so if yours doesn’t succeed in that time frame you can always come back targeting different ventures should anything go wrong with this one!

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