What Makes a Good Meeting Room?

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A meeting is simply a room designated to provide the space for people to come together for business meetings. While the definition is simple, a meeting room needs to fulfill several important criteria to be able to provide the environment that promotes productivity during the meeting. Here is what makes a meeting room really good:

  • Ergonomic furniture – the chairs used in the meeting room need to be as comfortable as possible, to provide comfortable seating even during very long meetings. The tables and desks used need to be suitably sized for the number of people attending the meeting;
  • Colors – the colors featured on the walls, the decorations and on the furnishing items in an office or meeting room are known to have a huge impact on the mood as well as on the performance of the people in the room. Dark colors are unsuitable for productive meetings, while white, yellow and beige boost energy and green improves stress management skills;
  • Lighting – ideally, you should have plenty of natural light as well as crisp artificial lighting in the room;
  • The layout – the type of the meeting will determine the way the furnishing is arranged. U-shaped arrangements are best for small meetings, while classroom or theater arrangements are best for seminars and workshops;
  • Office tech – your meeting room needs to be suitable for any technical challenges and it needs to be equipped with the right tech. The best executive suites Denver Tech Center has offers amenities such as video conferencing, projectors, an interactive whiteboard and broadband internet access.