How Large of An Office Can You Rent?

Denver Tech Center office space rental

If your business is growing and so is the number of your full-time employees, you will soon need an office for your teams to work from. If you have already started looking for the right space, here are some tips on how to calculate the size of a Denver Tech Center office space rental you should consider:

  • Consider legal requirements – while there are no legal requirements that determine the amount of space needed by one person, there are many fire and building safety rules that determine the minimum width of hallways and doorways. It is a good idea to consult those regulations before renting your office;
  • Giving your employees space – ideally, your office should provide at least 125 sq ft of usable space per person. However, the actual size that you need will depend on the actual activities that will be performed in the office as well as upon your storage needs;
  • Account for growth – if you need the office for a longer period, such as for 3 or more years, you are probably planning to continue on the path of growth, which will also mean a growing office team. When you are calculating the space you need, try to plan for that, too;
  • Use an online calculator – there are many online apps that can help you figure out the exact size of the space to rent.