What Determines the Cost of Office Rental Space

Denver office space

If your business is growing and you are currently considering an office rental, one of the most important things that you should figure out is how much your rental space will cost you. The office rental market is large and varied these days and so is the price range – here are some of the factors that will influence the cost of Denver office space leases:

  • Office type – in the past, physical offices were the only options, but today, virtual offices that provide a registered address, mail forwarding, call answering, reception and other services are also available. Traditional, physical offices are usually expensive, with rental fees usually starting at several hundred dollars per occupant, while virtual spaces are available for much lower rates. Co-working spaces are also available – these options are great for small teams or for individuals who need a desk occasionally;
  • The duration of the lease – landlords are usually very flexible in terms of the lease duration and they usually offer monthly as well as yearly contracts, with longer lease contracts being usually cheaper per month than shorter rentals;
  • The amenities – the wider the range of services and tech solutions available with the office, the higher the price;
  • The location – offices in premium locations are usually costlier.