Can You Sublet Rental Office Space?

temporary office space Denver

If you are renting temporary office space in Denver that you do not make full use of, subletting your rental might seem like a good idea. Whatever your motivation for subletting the space, whether it is that you have recently switched to remote work, you needed to downsize or the growth that you have planned takes longer to achieve, here are some tips about the process of subletting your unused office space:

  • Check permission – whether or not you are allowed to sub-let your office depends on the lease contract between your business and the landlord. Before starting to look for a tenant for your space, check your lease contract for the clause that regulates subletting;
  • Talk to nearby businesses – before you start listing your sub-lease, ask the businesses that rent spaces on your floor or in the building if they are interested – they might want to expand and moving into your space might be a great, easy solution for them;
  • Set the price – your lease contract might have clauses that tell you how you can or cannot set your lease rate (some contracts do not allow tenants to sublet their space for rates that would give them a profit), so check your contract carefully for that information, too.