How To Run A Successful Virtual Meeting

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Nothing beats the efficiency of face-to-face meetings, but virtual meetings are good-enough alternatives and a very common experience in most companies these days. While virtual meetings are like face-to-face meetings in many ways – rules of etiquette still apply, the meetings need to fit into the allocated time slot and they need to follow the agenda –, there are some features that need to be taken into consideration to ensure success. Here are some tips from office space leasing professionals at Executive Business Centers:

  • Choosing the right technology – one of the first things that you should make up your mind about is the platform to conduct the meeting on. There are many options available today, so it is a good idea to do some research before picking one. Stable broadband internet is also essential for all participants;
  • Creating the right atmosphere – the task is easier if the participants know each other. If they don’t, the facilitator of the meeting should figure out some ice breakers and ways to make sure that everyone attending feels comfortable in the situation;
  • Set the rules and let everyone know – figure out the basic rules to follow during your meetings and communicate them clearly to everyone participating. For example, you might want participants to join the meeting five minutes before the scheduled start time or to mute their microphones in certain situations.