What’s the Difference Between Office Space & Co-Working Space?

If you need office space for your team to work from, there are basically two options in front of you: you can either find a traditional, permanent office or you can choose a co-working space.

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Executive suites Denver Tech Center leasing teams offer that these are some of the most important differences between the two solutions:

  • The type of occupancy – with a traditional office, the space will be used exclusively by your employees, while co-working spaces are offices that you will need to share with people who are not the members of your teams;
  • Equipment – most traditional office rentals come with certain amenities, such as essential furnishing items, but you will have to take care of the special features that you need, such as the internet connection. Co-working spaces, on the other hand, come with everything you need for work from tech features, such as internet access and videoconferencing devices, to furniture, even a staffed reception, a kitchen area or a cafeteria;
  • The lease – traditional office leases usually tie down the tenant for years, contracts for 5 or 10 years are not out of common. Co-working spaces, on the other hand, can be rented for shorter periods, allowing businesses to tailor their rented space to their needs at all time.