What Amenities Are Included with Executive Office Suites

Executive Business Centers

Executive Business Centers share many features with traditional office configurations – they consist of rooms and workstations, they are both used for office work and meetings and they both come with lease contracts –, but executive suites come with many amenities that are not offered with conventional office leases. Here are some such features:

  • Additional areas – Executive Business Centers consist of more than just the offices. They usually come with added spaces, such as meeting rooms, lobbies, reception desks and break rooms;
  • Additional personnel – with an executive suite, your work will be aided by the space provider’s personnel, such as the professional receptionist who will welcome your visitors and will contribute a lot to creating an excellent first impression about your business;
  • Additional services – with executive suites, you have a wide choice of office equipment, allowing you to have the tech features that you need for efficient, productive meetings. Executive offices usually come with broadband internet access and large screens and conference call equipment are also available;
  • More flexible contracts – while conventional offices are usually leased for 1, 3 or 5 years, executive suites are available with shorter lease terms, such as 6-12 months, allowing businesses to use the rented space for just a couple of months, then the tenant can decide whether to stay or to go.