What Are Executive Office Suites

Generally, an executive office suite is a collection of elegant offices used by a company’s top-level employees. In the past, the term referred to the exclusive, elegant office occupied by the company’s director and usually located at the top level of the skyscraper that accommodated the company’s headquarters. Today, the term is used more broadly as the director is no longer the only one who works from an exclusive office – the high-level managers and directors in the immediate subordination of the top-level director also work from elegant offices.

executive suites Denver Tech Center

The meaning of the term “executive office suite” today has also been extended to refer to serviced offices provided by office rental facilities. These rental facilities offer suites composed of multiple offices or even entire floors for rent, the solution being nowadays the preferred choice for start-ups and other types of small businesses. The solution is especially popular due to the flexible lease terms – in many cases, the tenant can further sublet unused space and most serviced offices offer flexibility in terms of level of equipment and the services included, such as receptionist services and catering. The rental fees for executive suites Denver Tech Center spaces are also very affordable, offering small businesses the elegant setting they need to be able to impress their visitors and to work comfortably and efficiently without incurring high costs.