COVID Safety Guidelines in Office Rental Spaces

Denver office space

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we work, including the way we can use offices safely. During recent years, shared offices have become the most popular solution for small businesses, but today, many freelancers and owners of small businesses are wondering whether using such a space is safe. Fortunately, the answer is yes – if the office safety guidelines are observed strictly and if office behavior is guided by common sense and discipline. Here are a few of the measures that need to be observed:

  • Social distancing – the maximum occupancy rate of Denver office space cannot exceed 40% of the maximum rate permitted. If the building has no such limitations, the rate of 8 persons per 1,000 square feet is permitted. The people sharing the same space must maintain the maximum distance possible, but at least 6 feet. Physical partitions, such as plexiglass walls between workstations is also an important safety measure;
  • Equipment – wearing a mask and a face shield are also essential in rented office spaces;
  • Hygiene – the proper hygiene of the office space is ensured by the property manager, but supplementary measures, such as regular cleaning of the workstation and increased attention to hand hygiene are also essential.