Advantages of Office Rental Space vs. Home Office

Working from home is more common today than ever. But, despite the obvious logistical benefits (get rid of commuting and traffic!), working from home can have its own disadvantages for your health and happiness levels: the lack of organization can favor neglect when it comes to self-care.

Besides, productivity, concentration and socialization are more difficult to achieve without the rituals and structure specific to an organized environment. When you work from home, you may be able to postpone the completion of work during the day and stay up late at night, or you may be interrupted by unexpected guests during the busiest working hours.

Maintaining your focus throughout the day is quite difficult to achieve even in the traditional office space, but at least the existing structure at work helps you keep pace. Therefore, for many, renting an office is a much better solution than working from home.

Executive Business Centers

Renting space at Executive Business Centers implies flexible terms regarding the duration of the contract and the provision of additional services (internet connection, telephone services, parking spaces, meeting room rental). Look at for additional benefits and options. Another advantage is that you can avoid the initial investments occasioned by the purchase of office furniture, office equipment (printer, fax, etc.), arranging the space by compartmentalizing it and hiring additional staff to provide reception and secretarial services.