How Much Does Denver Office Space Cost?

Executive Business Centers

Answering that question with a single figure is impossible – the price range that office space rentals in Denver come for vary so widely and there are so many factors that influence the price that anyone can find the office space that fits the available budget and meets the prospective tenant’s requirements, too. According to Executive Suites office leasing professionals,, here are some aspects that influence the price:

  • The location of the office – renting office space in a business center or in a large building located centrally is always more expensive than an office rental in an off-central area;
  • The size of the office – office rental rates are calculated on square-feet basis, which means that the more space you rent, the more you have to pay for it;
  • The range of amenities – if you need a reception, land lines or special office equipment, be prepared that your landlord will provide those features for extra costs;
  • The type of the office – in the digital era, office space can mean not only a physical space consisting of one or multiple rooms, occupied by the teams of the same company. Virtual offices and shared office spaces are also available – these modern forms of office rentals are much more flexible and usually much cheaper than conventional rentals.