The New Way to Work in the Age of Covid

Denver office space real estate experts say that, because of the pandemic, the way we work will change forever, and working in open spaces may be history. It is clear that, at least for the near future, things need to change.

Denver office space

It is possible that the cubicles will come back in trend. The office corridors will be larger, considering that social distance will be a priority a long time from now. It is also possible that the position of the employees at their desks will change: they will work back to back, instead of face to face, or in line, as they are positioned now.

How will office life change?

Undoubtedly, perhaps the most important changes will have to be made on a personal level. We will have to wear masks, gloves and take care to disinfect ourselves at all times. Hugs and handshakes will have to be replaced with other forms of greetings.

Business traveling will be significantly reduced, given that online meetings seem to become the norm and also prove to be very efficient. Business traveling can be replaced, at least partially, by video conferences.

A significantly increased focus will be on health and safety. This will include personal protective equipment, as well as property and space management, including measures to improve safety and sanitation, as well as clear communication of the efforts and health / cleanliness protocols.