What Are the Going Rates for Denver Office Space Rental?

One of the features that make office space rentals so popular among start-ups and other owners of small enterprises is their affordability. If you are looking for rented office space in Denver, you will probably find the space that meets your requirements offered for rates that range between $30-37 per square foot, but the exact price that you will have to pay depending on a number of factors.

Denver Tech Center Executive Business Centers

According to office space rental Executive Business Centers professionals, here are some of these factors:

  • The location – space rented in a central office building or close to strategically important areas, such as the airport or in the city center, are usually more expensive than the offices located in the suburbs The offices in the areas that are very popular, such as business centers and downtown or uptown locations and the areas that can be easily accessed using public transport are also more than expensive;
  • The size and the amenities – the final amount that you will be required to pay will also be determined based on the size of the office and the level of equipment that you need. Renting a simple desk with high-speed internet is surely the cheapest option, while renting a large, elegant meeting room where you can welcome your important business guests is a more expensive thing.