Safe Practices for Going to Work to Avoid Covid

executive suites Denver support covid health practices

The novel coronavirus has already changed many things in our lives, one of the most important changes being an increased awareness and attention to our own safety as well as to the safety of the people around us. According to executive suites Denver real estate professionals, here are some of the most important practices that can decrease the health risks associated with going to work:

  • Frequent disinfection – washing your hands often and using a hand sanitizer product when you have no access to soap and water are essential for staying safe. The virus can be contracted by touching infected surfaces as well, so It is also very important to disinfect your workstation and work area as frequently as possible ;
  • Wearing facial masks – the mask protects you as well as the people that you come into contact with by preventing the spreading of the droplets resulting from coughing, sneezing and breathing. The mask is of special importance if you use public transport and if you work in a space used by other people, too;
  • Social distancing – avoiding physical contact, such as handshakes and hugs is another essential safety measure and so is maintaining the required distance when you talk to other people at your workplace.