Advantages to Working from Home and Renting an Office

Recently, working remotely has become increasingly popular. Imagine how good it is to make reports, edit texts or create advertising banners while sitting on your comfortable sofa, in the living room. You do not have to wake up early, waste time and nerves in traffic jams or in crowded public transportation and you do not even have to sit in a formal office from morning till evening; all you need is a laptop/ computer and internet connection.

However, you must understand that the volume and professional duties are the same. For most of the work you can do from home, you have the same clear deadlines and tasks, you still have bosses and you are connected to those in the company you work for.

Working from home proves its full benefits, especially now that we go through the Coronavirus pandemic. Compared to renting an office, working from home is clearly more affordable.

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But there are also disadvantages that should not be ignored. Some of those who work from home tend to work more, either because they accept more tasks than usually, believing that they have more time (which is often an illusion, when you work from home),  or because they feel somehow forgotten, due to lack of direct communication with colleagues etc. On the other hand, there are also people who feel distracted by the comfort of their home and these tend to lose their productivity. Look at to see what social distancing options are available in office rentals.