How to Have an Inexpensive Classy Office

Executive Business Centers

The office says a lot about your business. And you don’t want it to say: shoestring budget. But this is the reality – you don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive furniture and decorations for your office.

Here are a few simple ideas to have a classy office without breaking the piggy bank:

  1. Be Creative about Artwork

There is a call thing “corporate artwork” – a series of standard prints with motivational messages or happy people doing various things. You see them everywhere: they are bland, predictive – and expensive.

Instead, look over Creative Commons and other royalty free image sites and find unique images that truly represent your brand image. Have them printed and framed (at a fraction of the price of corporate artwork) and you’re done!

  1. Choose Salvaged Furniture

Salvaged furniture does not mean being thrifty, but responsible and eco-minded. Wood and metal are precious resources – and they are not in infinite quantities. This is why a lot of people and businesses choose to refurbish old airing cabinets and turn them into office storage or opt for pallet furniture. Made from wooden pallets, this type of furniture is less expensive than standard office furniture, but is sturdy and has a professional look.

  1. Add a Touch of Nature

When you run out of other ideas for decorations, go for potted plants. You can never go wrong with them, plus they add a spot of color and a cheerful note to your office. It is also proven that employees who have plants at their desk are happier and more productive.

      4. Consider Virtual Office Executive Suites

Executive Suites in Denver offers virtual office programs that are suited for the business professional who wants to present a professional business image.