Save Money on a Lease for Your Business

Leasing office space can be extremely expensive if you are not careful. Property managers know that their available spaces are in great demand and draw up lease contracts that include as many clauses to their advantage and profit as possible.

Executive Business Centers

However, you can skillfully navigate through the initial draft and make sure that some clauses are made to your advantage, or at least clarified. Executive Business Centers can offer you a variety of leasing options to fit your office needs and budget. Working with them will help you save a lot of money both on the short and the long term:

  1. Clarify the Issue of Renewal

Some leasing contracts have complicated and vague wording regarding renewal. In some cases, the lease is automatically renewed unless you send in a notice ahead of time. Make sure this period is clearly specified and is sufficient to give you time to prepare and send the note, even under special, difficult circumstances.

  1. Utilities and Services

Some office buildings allow you to install your own utilities and services (internet, video monitoring, etc.). In other cases, you have to work with the preferred suppliers of the property managers. In this case, compare the prices you’d have to pay with a commercial offer from your supplier and decide whether you are getting a good deal or not.

  1. Subletting

In certain cases, you may sublet a part of your office space – but only if you are allowed to by the lease contract. This is something worth pursuing in negotiations, even if such a clause does not initially exist in the contract.