Tips for Working in Shared Office Space

Some people may think that shared office spaces are the symbol of modernity and transparency in corporate life. However, such a working environment can be a nightmare, just like Chaplin’s “modern era”.

Supporters of the shared office spaces offer the following arguments: such an office saves a lot of space, there is better communication between employees and teams, as well as better monitoring of the company’s activity and mutual supervision.

On the other hand, opponents of this model find it too noisy (especially in the absence of soundproof partitions between offices), lacking intimacy (because some people may feel under constant supervision) and reducing productivity. Moreover, they show the risk to be constantly bothered by people who work at the same desk with you and who may not always be organized or considerate enough. Additionally, in shared office spaces, employees work constantly under the eyes of others, which may be overwhelming and intimidating.

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If you plan to start working in a shared office space in Denver, make sure you take some measures to control the noise that might bother you. That means to purchase some noise-cancelling headphones. The next important thing is to set up some rules with the employers you shared our desk with. Make sure everyone keep things organized, civilized and clean up after themselves. If there is no other way, make sure to report problems that may appear.

Finally yet importantly, when you must book a meeting room, make the reservation when fewer people need them, that is at the beginning or at the end of the working schedule.