How to Create a Positive Virtual Work Environment

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A positive work environment is more than an attractive space with comfortable, ergonomic furniture – in the current shelter at home COVID work culture, here are some tips about how to create a positive virtual office Denver work environment in which all employees feel safe and appreciated for their efforts:

  • Improve communication – establishing clear lines of communication and creating an environment in which everyone knows who to turn to with specific issues is essential for facilitating a positive and productive attitude. Strengthening two way-communication between managers and team members is also essential;
  • Celebrate success together – signing an important contract or completing an important project can be celebrated by the entire company together – it will make everyone feel important and will encourage harder work;
  • Reward hard work and achievements – recognizing hard work is an excellent motivational tool for the person receiving praise as well as for the others. The recognition can take various forms, from gift cards to a shorter working day for the hard-working team member;
  • Include some relaxation – your employees work hard for eight hours each working day, so they will surely appreciate and enjoy a future massage offered by the company. A spa gift card to provide interested team members a 10-minute shoulder massage is an affordable way to prove your employees that you care for their health and it will also improve productivity by relaxing those sore muscles.