Businesses that Thrive in Shared Office Spaces

We know already that those who work independently, whether they are called freelancers or small business entrepreneurs, are becoming more and more numerous and they are in permanent search for shared office space Denver locations that will not cost them an important part of their profit. So we have already defined the financial struggle of this segment of population, but there is also a social dilemma, because many do not want to be isolated in a space too narrow without being able to connect with other people running other types of businesses, or find themselves outside of any “social network”.

shared office space Denver locations

As a result of the above-mentioned aspects, the concept of shared office spaces was born – and where else than in America, more precisely in Silicon Valley!

Nowadays, over 22% of the active population in the US works as a freelancer in the IT and online businesses, passing through consultancy, design or copyright, to small producers and sellers of “grandma’s sweets”. This is how an extremely heterogeneous group of people appeared, having a common need: to find a space where they can work flexibly, socialize, exchange ideas, maybe even learn or be inspired by other people who work there too. We are talking about a place where a business can grow successfully!