Why It’s Important to Set Expectations During A Meeting

Expectations formulated in a clear and easy to understand way are essential for the success of any project and they are essential for successful meetings as well. Here is why:

  • Stress relief – one of the most common factors that cause excessive employee stress is uncertainty, that is, the lack of knowledge regarding tasks and not knowing how to accomplish them. Setting clear expectations during the meeting that you conduct will let everyone know how they are supposed to proceed and will improve communication within the team;
  • Improved focus and engagement – telling the participants of your meeting what they are expected to do will release lots of creative energies, will motivate them and will encourage them to work harder;
  • Reducing emotional responses – clear expectations reduce frustration and will keep emotions at bay when the goal is to perform disciplined action;
  • Short-term goals are easier to relate to – the expectations that you set during your meeting should be not only clear, but also determined for shorter periods. That way, your employees will find it easier to stay focused on their tasks and corrective action is also easier in case the targets are not met or if one of your meeting participants encounters unexpected difficulties.

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