Tips for Holding Better Meetings

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Regardless of whether it is a simple meeting, a negotiation for a contact or a business dinner, there are some unwritten rules that will ensure your success.

  1. Don’t set up a meeting just for the sake of doing it

According to a study conducted 20 years ago in the United States, businessmen attend, on average, 60 meetings each month. More recent studies also show that in business, time management and productivity have to suffer because of irrelevant discussions between partners.

  1. Set clear goals

Having a clear goal or objectives in mind will help you focus and organize the meeting more easily. Make sure you also take into account the individual particularities of your guests: who they are, what functions they hold, what areas they come from etc.

  1. The decision-making process must be clear to all participants. At the beginning, you need to explain it, but in time it will become automatic.
  2. The time allocated to each topic must be realistic, sufficient and specified in the meeting agenda. If the same processes are used consistently, the allocation of time will be realistic and efficient.
  3. Finally, you should collect suggestions, which the note-taker will include in the minutes and you can decide when and how to put them on the next agenda.
  4. Set up your meeting space in a clean and functional way. Make sure everyone has a comfortable place to sit, and can see all the participants. Make sure you have a white board or audio/visual tools if needed. Options for Denver office space is plentiful, so if you do not currently have access to a conference room, rest assured, there are spaces for hourly or monthly rentals available.