Holding Trainings in a Shared Office Space

Shared office Regus DTC

Periodic training sessions are essential for keeping your employees up to date with their skills and building team spirit. These days, many small and medium sized companies opt to hold their trainings in a shared office space.

Here are some reasons why they choose this type of location:

  1. Affordable Fees

Shared office spaces are leased by the hour. This means that if a Regus DTC training session takes 4 hours, the business owner will pay for only 4 hours – not an entire day. This is very useful for businesses that have a tight budget for extra expenses and investments. Plus, they can select a space that is a perfect fit for the number of attendees and the type of training they will receive (presentation with slides, hands-on approach, etc.)

  1. Easy Access to Lunch and Refreshments

Shared office Regus DTC buildings usually have a cafeteria. However, wherever such buildings are erected, many food networks open restaurants and eateries. Everyone in the team will easily find a great place to eat, according to their tastes and dietary preferences.

  1. Central Location with Sufficient Parking Spaces

A shared office building will generally have sufficient parking spaces for its tenants. Also, shared office spaces are located in well known and easily accessible areas of the city. This makes it easier for employees to arrive on time, as they do not have to hunt for an available parking space in a crowded neighborhood.