How to Stay Focused During a Business Meeting

Business meetings can sometimes become boring and seem to never end. However, you must be focused at all times, because missing a single word could cost you money or your job.

Here are some simple tips that most business people apply to stay focused during meetings:

  1. Do a Little Physical Exercise Before the Meeting

For instance, leave the car and walk briskly to the meeting venue (as long as you are sure you arrive on time). Exercising oxygenates ever cell in your body – including your brain. Thus, you will be alert and ready to give the best answers and ask critical questions.

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  1. Be Smart in Choosing Your Seat

If your seat is facing a window or the glass partition with a view to the rest of the office space, you will find countless distractions. And you will lose focus at one point of another. The ideal seat is facing a blank wall or, even better, the presentation board (if there will be written presentations made during the meeting). Executive shared office space in DTC offers a variety of different office spaces for you to choose from. You will find one that best fits your budget and meeting/business agenda.

  1. Have a High Protein Snack before the Meeting

Proteins are the key nutrients of an active brain. If the meeting is not scheduled after lunch, a protein smoothie will do just as fine. Remember, though, not to eat a very heavy meal. A full stomach will make you drowsy, not fully focused on the meeting.