How Do You Define Leadership?

Each company has its own hierarchy, its own approach to cooperation and leadership. The general definition of leadership can be that it is a set of methods to motivate people to work together for achieving a goal perceived as common, but that set of methods is different for each corporate management team and for each leader in part.

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Here are some of the most common leadership styles:

  • Authoritarian – an authoritarian leader defines work relationships strictly in terms of professional interaction and considers hierarchy and structure to be essential;
  • Democratic – this type of leaders considers collaboration and shared decision making to be essential components of managing a company;
  • Laissez-faire – this type of leaders assigns the tasks, but allow their followers to execute the task as they see fit. Laissez-faire leaders offer guidance and support when their followers need it, but otherwise they act more like facilitators and coordinators;
  • Transactional leadership – this approach focuses on supervision, organization and performance and works best for projects that need to be completed based on very specific sets of rules;
  • Transformational leadership – this approach promotes the creation of a common vision, shared by each member of the team and works best for achieving long-term goals.

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