Tips for Having A Productive Meeting

Meetings are an integral part of corporate existence, but they can easily become time wasters, rather than opportunities to share ideas and to enhance team efficiency. Here are a few tips that can make your meetings more productive and your meeting attendees more motivated:

  • Let everyone know what the meeting will be about to allow them to prepare – creating and distributing the meeting agenda ahead of time is a great way to keep the meeting to the point; Look for convenient Denver Tech Center conference rooms that will comfortably meet the needs for all attendees.

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  • Set time limits and let everyone know about them – determining the duration of the meeting in advance is a great way to encourage effective collaboration and to prevent useless discussions and debates that can prolong meetings;
  • Call a meeting only if it is the most efficient solution – use emails or other forms of internal communication whenever you can and call a meeting only when it is the best way to share and discuss information;
  • Limit the number of attendees – managing more than nine people can be very difficult and counter-productive, so try to invite only the people who really need to be present at the meeting;
  • Control the process – don’t let dominant people take over the meeting and make sure that shy individuals get to contribute as well.