Why Is It Important to Have Accessible WiFi at Your Office?

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When you’re running a business, you shouldn’t always have to be worried about whether or not you have viable internet access. WiFi is a basic necessity in today’s business world, and the company that doesn’t have WiFi access at the office is usually the one that has the most to lose.

But why is WiFi so important, anyway? It all has to do with the advent of mobile technology in business areas. If you’re running a busy office, chances are your employees will not only sit at the computer all the time. They’ll be busy answering calls, inviting clients to take a look at various offers, and giving presentations. As a result, having access to stats and figures that are only available through internet access will limit them to two options: having all the apps available on their own phones, or having tablets with SIM cards and data access.

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Data access in and of itself isn’t always a good enough answer. In some areas of the building, the signal can be worse than in others, and at peak periods, data transfer speeds can also be very slow. However, with a reliable WiFi router and enough bandwidth to allow for everyone’s laptop, tablets and phones to connect at the same time, you’ll have an army of gadgets at your disposal to keep your team informed at all times.